The principle of microcomputer harmonic elimination

by:Mings     2020-05-22
( 1) Using real-time monitoring voltage transformer open delta voltage harmonic elimination device, calculate the zero sequence voltage four frequency voltage components. Using the device of medium voltage sensor reactance with harmonic voltage change, undermining voltage transformer ferromagnetic resonance conditions. , it USES a liquid crystal display, display information is straightforward. Second, AZ - Type WXZ196 computer harmonic elimination device is characterized by data acquisition, operation and control the output speed is faster, high precision and anti-interference ability to restore. Its performance is stable, safe and reliable. Third, AZ - WXZ196 microcomputer, ferromagnetic resonance and harmonic elimination device can distinguish voltage single-phase grounding, and was quick to eliminate ferroresonance. ( 2) Such as pressure sensitive components failed to completely eliminate ferroresonance, eliminated the instant on high power harmonic elimination components. Under the condition of normal operation, three relatively load is balanced, the grid neutral point at zero potential, when the impact power grid disturbance, may make a phase or two phase to ground voltage instantaneous, sudden increase of voltage transformer excitation current and saturation. When resonance happens, every tiny time start a high power harmonic elimination device, start for a period of three times and failed to completely eliminate start the second and third paragraph. After the fault still exist, such as for the voltage transformer safety, no longer start high power harmonic elimination device, only real-time online eliminate pressure sensitive components. Computer harmonic elimination device, the perfect solved the problem of power system harmonic elimination of eccn, and can record store resonant frequency and resonant frequency, widely used in power plants, substations and steel, coal, petrochemical and other large factories and mines of power system.
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