The processing technology of the porcelain insulator technology needs to be promoted

by:Mings     2020-05-15

porcelain insulator is a kind of insulator, and the product research and development technology had the very big promotion, present the product is in use process has a very prominent performance and the performance, they today we can specific look at the product's processing technology to improve the relevant information. As a kind of high voltage line insulator insulator industry, production is very much. Call processing made product sooner or later, a new basis for new products also have research work to keep up with the trend of development, study the new design process. So the voltage grade of the products have been developed to only 500 kv ac/dc, so these products have become now imports a lot of products, the mechanical properties of the products is close to the domestic advanced level, but the appearance is different, has the capability to develop industry, from the qualitative study of recruit students, study its technology at the same time, with the development of the transmission line of corrosion resistance, and its insulation performance, at the same time its electrical structure and optimization are all present and future research direction, through continuous efforts to the product of the development trend in the future would have greater improvement. More about porcelain insulator processing technology to improve access to relevant information, through these information, we know about this product are more and more and know each other? If everybody has demand for this product, you can call website hotline for more consultation and understanding, also can come to our company to visit and inspect.

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