The production technology and product characteristics of composite insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-08
Production process and product characteristics of composite insulator composite insulator, composite insulator, also known as silicone rubber insulator, composite insulator is made with organic polymer insulating materials of new type of composite insulator, the mandrel, the umbrella skirt sheath ( Adhesive layer) , the connection hardware and accessories, Equalizing ring) A few parts. Mandrel is made up of millions of root glass fiber resin adhesive along the axis parallel arrangement and form of FRP rods, tensile strength higher than that of 600 mpa, 3 ~ 5 times that of high strength porcelain, equivalent to high quality carbon steel, has a good scratch resistance and fatigue resistance, bear the mechanical load of composite insulator, is the main part of the internal insulation, selects the creep of reinforced fiber and resin, have to ensure that the mandrel has good mechanical and electrical properties. Mandrel will be affected with damp be affected with damp hydrolysis reaction, reduce the mechanical strength of composite insulator, triggered off string of accident, thus ensure the mandrel is not be affected with damp be affected with damp is the basic conditions for the safe operation of the composite insulator. Umbrella skirt sheathed with silicone rubber as the matrix, adding coupling agent, flame retardant, anti-aging agent filling material such as high-temperature vulcanizing and become, is a good external insulation composite insulator, silicon rubber umbrella skirt sheathed with good hydrophobic, make water droplets form is formed on the surface and difficult to form a continuous water film, the hydrophobic migration to strengthen the anti-fouling ability of the composite insulator, because of the silicone rubber molecular umbrella skirt is sheathed on the filth of the layer surface is hydrophobic, and the hydrophobic under local factors such as arc short time to restore again soon after failure, greatly improve the composite insulator pollution lightning pressure, under the same degree of leakage distance and filth of lightning pressure is more than 2 times of porcelain insulator string, the excellent anti fouling characteristics make the composite insulator are widely used in the line of antifouling climb in. And silicon rubber umbrella skirt sheathed with excellent aging resistance, flame retardancy, tracking and electrical erosion resistance, tear resistance, and protect the core rod is not affected by the external environment, due to the manufacturing process is different, some products of the mandrel and sheath, umbrella skirt and sheathed between the adhesive layer, such as bundle sheath to wear an umbrella process, same direction, the adhesive layer and the electric field is the weak link of the insulation, adhesive for bonding material and process of reasons that caused the insulation interface be affected with damp be affected with damp in partial discharge puncture the loss of insulation condition, should pay attention; Umbrella skirt sheathed overall vacuum injection process, reduce the internal insulation interface, is important to improve internal insulation of composite insulator; Join hardware is as part of the composite insulator, and plug together, through other hardware connection to hang point and wire, plug and the connecting structure of the hardware can be divided into the adhesive type, pressure type and wedge type three categories, inherit and pass all the mechanical load, adhesive type due to the lack of bonding agent such as ageing problems and low temperature brittle is less, the technology for mechanical and pressure to increase pressure, use more, but need to pay attention to hardware and the thermal expansion coefficient difference will reduce the bearing capacity of the mandrel, wedge type is divided into inner wedge and outer wedge, the wedge will destroy the mandrel is complete, but stable connection strength, the craft is simple, applied more, outside the wedge connection strength and the unstable process is complex, have been used less, generally above 220 kv voltage class of composite insulator assembly 1 ~ 2 only equalizing ring, uniform electric field distribution, to prevent the high voltage electric field accelerated aging of composite insulator ends, and arc frequently in overvoltage, shortening the time of discharge, ensure no umbrella skirt surface by arc burns, so for the equalizing ring installation must be strict operation. 【 On a message: suspension insulator product performance and function 】 【 The next message: composite insulator precautions 】 packaging and transportation
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