The rational use of composite insulator on the transmission line

by:Mings     2020-05-10
Composite insulator in the rational use of composite insulator on transmission line, what is the cause of flashover discharge? How to deal with the reason is: ( 1) And porcelain composite insulator surface inside the skirt have defiled, be affected with damp be affected with damp after crushing strength is reduced, the composite insulator surface discharge circuit, increased leakage current, when reaches a certain value, the breakdown caused by surface discharge. ( 2) High voltage insulator surface falls have defiled though small, but as some kind of overvoltage in the power system occur under the action of overvoltage, the surface of composite insulator flashover discharge. Processing method is: composite insulator flashover occurred after discharge, composite insulator surface insulation performance degradation is very big, should be replaced immediately, and the composite insulator flashover discharge not cleaning. High-voltage transmission lines and transmission tower why with so many composite insulators for high voltage transmission line and insulation between power transmission tower. For the sake of safety, not only should consider the pure distance between high-voltage transmission lines and transmission tower, consider the creepage distance of composite insulator and the influence of various environmental conditions. Why most of 35 kv overhead line using suspension insulator and rarely pin insulator, its performance is not stable, use easy breakdown, aging, metal material consumption, big volume, therefore has rarely used. Suspension insulator is composed of iron cap and steel foot and porcelain, simple structure, high mechanical strength, aging rate is low, according to need several connection string, apply various voltage grade of transmission lines; Composite insulator suspension type disc diameter is small, the air discharge distance between porcelain also can make full use of. Why the insulator string on the tension tower than straight in the way of transmission line, the amount of the insulator perch of composite insulator is perpendicular to the ground installation, the porcelain in the skirt is not easy to dust inflow. And tension tower of composite insulator string is almost parallel to the ground installation, the porcelain in the skirt is easy to dust and water easily, so the surface of the composite insulator string insulation levels drop. In addition, zhang tower resistance composite insulator string on the mechanical and electrical load is much bigger than the straight line tower, the possibility of damage of composite insulator is also big, therefore, on the tension tower of composite insulator string is more than perch (1 ~ 2 composite insulator In the substation entrances or impurity region should we consider the number of the composite insulator) To improve the load and the dielectric strength. 【 On a message: classification of suspension insulator] 【 The next message: the main content of the composite insulator inspection tour 】
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