The relationship between the insulation resistance and insulation voltage how much do you know?

by:Mings     2020-07-05

the relationship between the insulation resistance and insulation voltage

insulation voltage

under normal atmospheric conditions, two terminal resistor between the shell and the maximum withstand voltage, called insulation voltage. The insulation of the resistor voltage generally work for the biggest one. 5 - 2 times. Insulation resistance of

two terminals of the resistor ( Together) Between the shell and measured dc resistance, called the insulation resistance. Insulation resistance of the resistor as generally ranging from dozens of megohm to thousands of megohm.

insulation resistance and resistance to voltage is what meaning?

insulators is not to say that it is not conductive. Just it conductive ability is relatively poor.

its insulation resistance (> 50 megohm) , that is to say, the material used for insulation under the condition of the normal voltage resistance than 50 ohms.

resistance voltage ( 1800 v / 1 second) 。

the insulation under high voltage breakdown, there would be no resistance short-circuit. Is 1800 v / 1 seconds to selection of insulation materials can under the voltage of 1800 v don't stick to 1 second breakdown

insulation resistance can be understood as the product of resistance as a whole.

good insulation, theoretically can think into the product of the total current is equal to the total current flowing out of product. A variety of reasons the current is always present in the actual application.

refers to the withstand voltage under the condition of product in the input of the voltage, maintain marked time without damage.

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