The role of infrared imager is analysed in insulator detecting

by:Mings     2020-06-24

due to the increasing role of insulator, for electrical safety is also very high, so it's important for the detection of insulator, constantly updated detection technology, let more high quality insulator used, improve the safe use of electricity, the following share a new technology, infrared imager is analysed in the role of insulator detecting.

in recent years, with ultra-high pressure and ultra-high voltage transmission lines more and more, these lines use the Eiffel Tower, line voltage is high, far from the ground, but many are built in the suburbs, testing and maintenance are very trouble.

insulator is one of the indispensable device in the transmission line, insulating effect both in the electric power, and fixed suspension effect, its quality depends mainly on electric insulation performance and mechanical performance. Due to the insulator long running under the bad environment, performance will degrade gradually, when the degradation reaches a certain degree, will reduce its insulation performance, will directly threaten the safe operation of power system.

now the power supply enterprise basically adopts the spark gap discharge fork, short-circuit fork artificial DengGanDa methods porcelain insulator running status. These methods are easy to detect the zero value of insulator, the test method is simple but the accuracy is low, not only the intensity of labor, poor security, low efficiency, and to detect the voice of the spark discharge are easy to be around when the environment noise and difficult to accurately determine cover, easy to cause error checking or targets. The most important thing is for large-scale application of composite insulator can't test now.

using infrared imager can well solve the above problems, because of no contact, don't stop, sampling, the advantages of without disassembly, and adopts on-line detection method, in the whole testing process, always do not need to direct contact with insulator. Online via infrared detection technology can detect insulator under the running condition of the true state of information, not only safe and effective, and can save time, reduce the labor intensity, reduce the maintenance cost for insulator, greatly improve the reliability of power supply.

infrared detection is a kind of on-line monitoring ( No power outage) Type high-tech detection technology, it set photoelectric imaging technology, computer technology, image processing technology in one, by receiving the infrared ray emitted by objects ( The infrared radiation) , its thermal image displayed on the screen, so as to accurately judge the temperature distribution on the surface of the object, any object because of molecular motion, will keep the outward radiation of infrared heat energy, thus formed in the surface temperature field of a certain, commonly known as 'hot'.

insulator string during normal operation, each insulator has a corresponding stable normal temperature or surface heat distribution. Once has the condition of insulator degradation, necessary through heat conduction in fever or other forms of exchange, change the insulator surface parts of the corresponding stable temperature or temperature distribution.

by using infrared camera to capture the temperature of the insulator string image, and from the image analysis, can accurately judge the faulty insulator exists, and presence.

however, due to the high voltage transmission line insulator far off the ground, shooting position is not suitable, and most of the infrared imager due to focal length capture insulator infrared images clearly, all these bring certain difficulty inferior insulator infrared imaging test.

infrared has used in many industries and, in the insulator of detection is the first time, the technology of breakthrough, more accurate detect faulty insulator, brings to the electric safety more accurate data.

warm reminder: this article collected by the Beijing heng electrical insulator manufacturer network released, reproduced please indicate.

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