The selection and characteristics of high-voltage cable accessories

by:Mings     2020-07-16

high voltage crosslinked cable accessories technology developing rapidly in recent years. High voltage cable is a kind of power cable, 10 kv - means for transmission 35KV( 1KV=1000V) The power cable between the main applied in power transmission. With its excellent performance of silicone rubber materials are widely used in electric power industry, high voltage cable accessory tends to be brief, novel structure, the function is more reliable. High voltage cable accessory is based on advanced technology, combined with China's national conditions independent set product development, based on 'national brand, build accessories boutique' as the keynote of crystallization.

advanced planning concept resolution the advanced nature of the product structure. Traditional casing oil filled type terminal is internal and external insulation processing respectively, if the oil filled cable accessories the planning concept of extended to the crosslinking cable, apparently casing terminals and dry oil filled insulation cross-linking cables do not match, protect the difficult operation, accident hidden danger exists.

is the development trend of high voltage crosslinked cable accessories: dry terminals ( Including GIS/transformer terminals) Will replace casing oil-filled type terminal, through joint and the insulation joint will give priority to with the whole prefabricated type. 66 kv ~ 220 kv cable accessories used to the development trend of the main ways are as follows:

outdoor ( ) Terminal - composite ( Porcelain set) Dry type terminal - silicone rubber dry terminal

pillar type plug-in terminal

the GIS/transformer terminal - inner cone type terminal system

through joint, the insulation joint - silicone rubber overall prefabricated type through joint/insulation joint.

all kinds of high voltage cable accessory products strictly through the various assessment ( Such as type of experiment, expert judgement and extensive safety running around) , products reach the advanced level of the same products abroad, can completely replace the imported products.

with the rapid development of China's economy, the smart grid to the modernization of power efficient delivery of services and put forward the new challenges. We supply high quality product for the customer at the same time, dedicated to provide customers with excellent service, real do observe customer needs and exceed customer expectations. Welcome the domestic and foreign merchants to come to discuss cooperation, a total of prosperity and development.

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