The standards on the composite insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-06
Scope of this standard specification standard composite insulator is higher than the nominal voltage 1000 v ac overhead line with the definition of composite insulator, test methods and acceptance criteria. This standard is applicable to line trailer or Zhang Fuge resistant insulator, composite insulator accidentally also may be limited by the compression or bending load, such as when used as insulator phase interval, mainly by bending load. Line post insulator does not belong to the scope of this standard. The composite insulator has involved this standard & other; Mandrel & throughout; And & other Umbrella cover & throughout; 。 Mandrel is usually made from glass fiber after immersion resin. Umbrella cover can be made of a variety of materials, including elastomer ( Such as silicone rubber, ethylene propylene rubber) ; Resin ( For example, alicyclic resin) ; Or for fluorocarbon compounds ( Such as teflon) This standard does not include the relevant according to the specific operating conditions to choose the requirements of high voltage insulator. The terms of the normative reference files of the following files by reference in this standard, constitute provisions of this standard. Every note date reference documents, its all subsequent modification single ( Not including errata content) Or revised edition are not applicable to this standard, however, according to the agreement of the parties of this standard are encouraged to study whether can use the * new version of the file, anyone who doesn't note date reference documents, its * new version is applicable to this standard. GB 001。 1 - 00 2003 nominal voltage is higher than 10 v overhead line insulator part 1: communication systems with porcelain or glass insulators components & ndash; Definition, test method and criterion ( 国防部IEC 60383 - 1) GB/T 4056 high-voltage lines suspension insulator connecting structure and size, GB / T 4056 - 1994 qvI EC 60120:1984) GB / T 4585。 2 - 1991 communication system with high voltage insulator artificial contamination test method for solid fouling layer method ( idtI EC 60507:1975) GB / T 553 - 6 1986 evaluation in harsh conditions using electrical insulating material tracking resistance and electrical erosion resistance test method ( neq IEC 60587:1984) GB / T 16927。 1 - 1997 high voltage test technology * part: general test requirements ( eqvI EC 60060 - '89). JB / T 567 - 3 1999 high voltage insulator radio interference test method ( eqvI EC 60437:1997) JB / T 95 - 58 IEC 1991 impurity region using composite insulator guideline 6 83-03 00 93: in the nominal voltage is higher than 10 v overhead line insulators in the second part: communication system with the insulator string or insulator group & ndash; Definition, test method and criterion of IEC 6 07 07:19 81 solid insulation in the ignition source measurement test method to determine the flammability of ISO 3 45, 84: in the non-destructive test & ndash; Penetrant inspection & ndash; The selection of general theory guide' On a message: composite insulator mandrel and umbrella cover 】 【 A message: under the current situation of the development of high voltage insulator 】
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