The state grid move later Europe is expected to expand power equipment in overseas markets

by:Mings     2020-06-26
< P> with the Portuguese national energy grid company has a 25% stake in hand, the state grid company of China ( Hereinafter referred to as 'state grid') Finally move later European success. < / P> < P> a few days ago, the Portuguese government officially announced the winning the country's national power grid state energy grid company equity privatisation programme. In the acquisition, the state grid investment about 3. 8. 7 billion euros for a 25% stake in Portugal's state energy network company. Experts say, the state grid to enter the European market is of great significance, the successful or will effectively to expand China's mechanical and electrical products and electrical equipment of the overseas market. < / P> < P> the acquisition, the Portuguese government sold a 40% stake in deals worth up to 5. 9. 2 billion euros. Including a 25% stake in the national grid, Oman's state oil company as a rival bidders for the remaining 15% stake. < / P> < P> the national grid officials 'first financial daily' interview, said after the merger, the state grid will send senior managers involved in Portugal's state energy network operation and management of the company. < / P> < P> according to these people, this is the first time Chinese enterprises successful acquisition of a national power grid companies in Europe, Portugal national energy network transmission and natural gas business in Portugal has a monopoly, the company is the only state-level energy transmission company in Portugal, with 150 kv and above transmission lines, substation capacity of 3020 8049 km. 50000 kva, natural gas high-pressure pipeline 1296 km; With the country's grid 45 years franchise franchise 34 years and high pressure natural gas transportation network. < / P> < P> this is six weeks since the Chinese energy companies to Portugal assets the second big acquisitions. On December 22, 2011, the China Yangtze river three gorges group which is the main power group company successfully for Portugal — A 21% stake in Portuguese electricity company, offer the total amount is 8 billion euros. < / P> < P> just look from state grid itself overseas acquisitions, previously, in 2008, the company has successfully bid for the Philippine national grid franchise; In 2010, Brazilian part of the grid franchise project success. At the same time, the state grid, told this newspaper that both acquisition at present has achieved a certain degree profitable, but specific figures revealed it is not convenient. < / P> < P> according to introducing, according to the Philippines to the supervisor will set up power grid operating performance evaluation indicators, 2009 years after the state grid in compared with the same period in 2008, the state grid three main regional trip accident rate dropped by 67%, highest indicators were higher than supervisor will reward standard. < / P> < P> for the timing of the acquisition, the person said, the current in the sovereign debt crisis of Europe, takeover premium is reasonable, is expected to obtain good economic benefit. < / P> < P> the successful bid is not only benefit the national power grid itself, or will develop related upstream and downstream industries. < / P> < P> one expert told the newspaper, mechanical and electronic chamber of commerce in China national grid, the success to enter the European market is of great significance, the same as the previous overseas acquisitions, will effectively promote China's exports of mechanical and electronic products and engineering contracting services output. And the successful entering the European market, more conducive to China's mechanical and electrical products in the region open market. < / P> < P> China xd domestic leading manufacture of power transmission and distribution enterprises ( 601179. SH) A person also told the financial times, electricity is a basic industry, involving electric power planning and design, equipment manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, materials processing, construction, and other industries, and national grid in the may drive the project procurement of domestic enterprise products. 'At the very least it now has a 25% stake, have corresponding voting rights in equipment procurement. 'The source said. < / P> < P> the person told this newspaper, China electric power transmission and distribution equipment products in the European market share is small, the state grid in Europe is helpful to develop the market. But in spite of this, because Europe is in uhv and smart grid and other high-end equipment requirements than China, so relevant enterprises will be focusing on the domestic. < / P> < P> a Chinese society for the study of energy experts pointed out that the financial times due to the power equipment manufacturing enterprises directly under the national grid of the China electric power technology equipment co. , LTD. Based on the integration of many enterprises have been growing, and merger and acquisition of several domestic leading enterprise in the field of electrical equipment breakdown. Therefore, the enterprise or a share in the future to expand overseas biggest beer. < / P>
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