The structure of composite insulator, composite insulator advantages The composite insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-18
Composite insulator structure of composite insulator is also known as organic or porcelain insulator, composite insulator, rubber insulator material it is made of organic synthesis of composite insulator, mainly have a core rod, hardware, umbrella skirt of sheath and adhesive layer. 1. Hardware is the mechanical load transfer component of composite insulator, it and core rod assembly together constitute a composite insulator fittings. The stand or fall of structure affect the core strength of the play and the mechanical properties of the insulator. 2. Umbrella skirt is sheathed outside insulating part of composite insulator, its role is to make the composite insulator has a high enough resistance to wet flash external insulation performance and the pollution flashover, protect the mandrel from atmospheric corrosion. 3. Mandrel is composite insulator mechanical load bearing parts, but it is also a major part of the internal insulation. 4. Part of adhesive layer is to use glue to complete the connection between sheath and core rod; Another part of the potting glue is used to complete the connection between the umbrella skirt. Within the bonding quality is directly related to the level of insulation. ( 1] Composite insulator advantage 1. Superior mechanical properties: mandrel made of epoxy glass fiber, its expansion intensity of ordinary steel 1. 5 times, is high strength porcelain 3 ~ 4 times, particularly strong axial tension, and has strong ability of vibration absorption, high earthquake damping performance, 1/7 ~ 1/10 for porcelain insulator. 2. Anti pollution flashover performance is good: composite insulator is hydrophobic, composite insulator umbrella corrugated surface will not wet when it rains water film formation, a drip drip, not easy to form the conductive channel, the fouling lightning pressure is higher, 3 times for porcelain insulator with voltage grade. 3. Excellent electrical erosion resistance: insulator surface leakage lightning complex formed by phenomenon of irreversible deterioration, general standard is not less than 4. Level 5 ( 4. 5kV) And the composite insulator is 6 ~ 7 magnitude. 4. Good anti-aging performance: after ten years of practice tests show that the composite insulator in addition to a slightly darker color and dielectric constant and dielectric loss Angle increases slightly, the surface is wet and electric erosion resistant up mark no change, anti-aging performance is good. 5. Structure stability: general porcelain suspension insulator is the glue assembly structure, electrochemical corrosion, and can produce low zero value in the operation of the insulation resistance, and composite insulator for glue assembly structure, its heart is solid bar insulation, no degradation converging attack, won't appear zero insulator. 6. Line running with high efficiency, good self-cleaning composite insulator wind and rain, do not produce zero insulator again, so the cleaning inspection work can change every 4 ~ 5 years time, shorten the maintenance, the power outage time. 7. Light weight: it contains itself into insulator light weight in the transportation, construction, can greatly reduce staff labor intensity. This article is composed of high voltage insulator collected, reprint please indicate the http://www. fxbw4。 com/ 【 On a message: the relative advantages of porcelain insulator, glass insulator the internal structure of glass insulator. 【 The next message: insulator maintenance and management, insulator cleaning 】
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