The structure of the pin insulator characteristics and manufacturing process

by:Mings     2020-05-02
Pin insulator structure characteristics and manufacturing technology of pin insulator and overhead power lines and electrified railway traction line with pin type insulator, also has a power plant and electrical use pin insulator. It is by the umbrella of the porcelain and ceramics and porcelain pieces of iron feet above the iron cap binding. Due to the iron foot has been extended and iron cap height, almost directly under bending load, so the pin insulator bending performance is better. Pin insulator due to its manufacture simple, low cost, convenient installation and can reduce the tower height ( Because of the high voltage insulator installed upright, grounding next) And widely used in the 6 - 10 kv power lines. But lightning resisting level of this insulator is low, often need to combine wooden cross arm. The filth of the pin insulator used in different application areas of different structure design. Standardization of the pin insulator can be respectively corresponding to light impurity, moderate filth and special impurity region Ⅰ, Ⅱ and Ⅳ level three kinds of porcelain insulator shape. Porcelain with the foot connection directly the rubber cement and porcelain Kong Xian by cement with the new foot, again by the thread with a screw connection of two kinds. The latter's zinc have a cushion, a screw also facilitate change of porcelain. Also have adopted by porcelain thread mechanical connection. Deng electric composite insulator relevant search: high voltage insulator composite insulator 【 On a message: cross arm of the insulator technical requirements and structural features 】 【 The next message: technical parameters of the national standard about insulator announcement 】
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