The technological characteristics of composite insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-09
Commonly known as the technological characteristics of composite insulator insulator porcelain insulator, it is used to support the conductor insulation. Insulator can ensure wire and cross arm, the tower has enough insulation. It can handle in running wires vertical load and horizontal pulling force. It also suffering from sun, rain, climate change and chemical corrosion. Therefore, insulator should not only have good electrical properties, and to have sufficient mechanical strength. The stand or fall of insulator on line safe operation is very important. The classification of the insulator insulator can be classified according to the structure, function and use of the material. ( 1) According to the structural form can be divided into pin insulator, insulator and suspension insulator. ( 2) According to different functions can be divided into common type insulator and anti-pollution insulator. ( 3) According to the use of material can be divided into the porcelain insulator, glass insulator and composite insulator ( Silicone synthetic) Insulator. Composite insulator structure characteristics of composite insulator is short for bar hanging type organic silicone rubber insulator. Composite insulator compared with traditional porcelain insulator, glass insulator, light quality, small volume, easy to transport and install, high mechanical strength and defile resistant performance is good wait for an advantage, at the same time can be avoided in operation of cleaning, avoid preventive test, and can avoid the pollution flashover accident. Especially suitable for urban power grid filth and medium above. Composite insulator pressure strength control at present, the development trend lines with high mechanical strength of silicone rubber composite insulator * all can reach 550000 cattle strength grade, its mechanical margin all can reach 1. 4 to 1. 5, even higher. Manufacturing process for composite insulator mature technology, simple, with the strength of rods, strength and compressive strength of the design is more reasonable. According to the existing technical knowledge and operating experience, the pressure of composite insulator strength control in ( 1. 5 ~ 1. 6) Rating agencies load, steel foot fracture strength control in ( 1. 4 to 1. 5) Rating agencies load, should be more reasonable. But at present domestic enterprise of pressure welding structure on the mechanical properties of the composite insulator long-term bending and torsion under study is not sufficient, for high tonnage type pressure to the mechanical reliability of composite insulator lack of system, in-depth research, which is unfavorable to operation management department accurate, fast, to master the operation of the power transmission and transformation equipment and the use of features. Composite insulators umbrella design of composite insulator because of demoulding difficulties, diameter of the umbrella skirt with hard disc hanging porcelain and glass insulator plate diameter size is consistent, therefore, the early composite insulators umbrella skirt plate size and spacing design after extensive research, compared the identified umbrella skirt design principle of disc type suspension porcelain and glass insulator is not reasonable. When run under the condition of high humidity atmosphere for a long time, if the high voltage insulator hydrophobic partial loss or complete loss, easy to occur inter umbrella skirt flying arc sub flashover accident, caused serious threat to safe and reliable operation of power grid. At present, for transmission lines with composite insulator, the umbrella skirt shape than in the past have greatly improved, basically to & other; The size of the umbrella & throughout; &ldquo仍然; Three five umbrella umbrella structure combination & throughout; And & other In the two big two & throughout; Three kinds of umbrella, umbrella diameter 200 mm, the umbrella is up to 140 mm; For all kinds of composite hollow insulator to prevent more intensive umbrella skirt structure design is easy in the heavy rain or the rainstorm, the rain into chains, caused the rain. Therefore, the optimization of composite insulators umbrella skirt shape design is still a need to focus in the study of system. 【 Composite insulator characteristics 】 a message: 【 The next message: composite insulator technology development process and trend 】
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