The test items of overhead power lines of composite insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-04
The test items of overhead power lines of composite insulator 1. 0. 1 1 kv overhead power line of the pilot project, should include the following contents: 1 measuring the insulation resistance of composite insulator and lines; 2 measuring 35 kv line of power frequency parameters; 3 check phase; 4 impact closing test; 5 tower grounding resistance measurement. 1. 0. 2 measuring the insulation resistance of the composite insulator and wiring shall meet the following requirements: 1 composite insulator insulation resistance test shall be in accordance with the provisions of article 17 of this standard; 2, measure and record line insulation resistance value. 1. 0. 3 35 kv line power frequency measurement parameters according to the requirements of relay protection, over voltage and other professional. 1. 0. On both sides of the phase 4 check each phase should be consistent. 1. 0. 5 under the rated voltage of racing line impact closing test shall be carried out three times, in the process of closing line insulation should not be damaged. 1. 0. 6 measuring tower grounding resistance, should comply with the provisions of the design. 【 On a message: post insulator and the test items of suspension insulator 】 【 The next message: the mechanical properties of the composite insulator, composite insulator and electrical properties 】
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