The types of insulator, transmission line - to the requirement of insulator Constitute a part of the composite insulator, end connection structure, patrol insulation

by:Mings     2020-05-03
Insulator type insulator is a lot of more phyletic, mainly include: suspension insulator ( Transmission line and substation structure commonly used insulator) , pin insulator ( 6 - 10 kv distribution line insulator commonly used) , bar insulator ( Substation support insulator and composite insulator) , porcelain crossarm and butterfly, taut insulator and earth wire insulator, etc. Transmission line requirement for insulator ( 1) Have good insulation performance, can withstand the working voltage for a long time and short of overvoltage function and discharge phenomenon will not occur. ( 2) Have enough mechanical strength, can withstand the weight of the wire, ice weight, the role of the wind pressure and other forces without damage. ( 3) With reliable performance of thermal stability, able to withstand the influence of temperature change ( Like rain, snow and frost, high temperature, lightning, etc. ) 。 Good antifouling performance: able to withstand the impact of severe environment pollution. ( 4) Good antifouling performance: able to withstand the impact of severe environment pollution. Composite insulator to the composition of composite insulator by the umbrella skirt, with the core rod, the three most. Composite insulator end structure connection composite insulator end connection is divided into inner wedge, outer wedge type, pressure type, four kinds of glue. From the point of running, preferential selection pressure sealing type and end form for & other; Glue sealing & throughout; The process of product. To inspect the insulator matters that should be paid attention to: ( 1) Porcelain skirt smudgy, do you have any crack, breakage or flashover, burns. ( 2) Steel cap, crack, bending steel feet, skew, corrosion conditions. ( 3) With the insulator string is skewed heavily, corrosion condition and pins, springs pins are in good condition. ( 4) The presence of discoloration and chapping of composite insulator umbrella skirt. 【 On a message: the method of insulator antifouling flash 】 【 The next message: introduction of composite insulator insulation material classification, running characteristics of composite insulator insulation 】
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