The types of wires have?

by:Mings     2020-06-30

a situation is: modern is very common in our daily life almost every place will use to the electric power, so if you want to electricity, the power cord is an essential part of, but currently on the market the types of the power cord is various, living in different places, use the types of the power cord is not the same, today's science and technology small make up to you finishing this article, some of wire and cable products are classified, hope I can help you better understand their meaning.

the first, power cable

the backbone of the power cable of it is in the power system circuit used for transmission and distribution of power battery cable products, it covers everything 1 ~ 330 kv and above all kinds of voltage grade and all kinds of insulated power cable.

second, bare wire

it means only the conductor, but no insulation products, such a variety of metals such as copper, aluminum and composite metal circular single wire, all kinds of layout of transmission line with type of stranded wire, soft wire, thread and profile.

third, winding line

in winding current in cutting lines of magnetic force of magnetic field feel pregnant, or through inoculation in magnetic field to current share of wires, so they are called electromagnetic wire, this product is cover with a variety of properties and enameled wire, wound covered wire, inorganic insulation wire, etc.

4, electrical equipment with wire and cable

the electricity from the power system of power distribution point directly transmitted to the various power set equipment deployment, appliance power adjacent lines with wire and cable, this kind of product has a wide use of surface, many varieties, and mostly to joint characteristics and utilization conditions of the equipment used to determine the layout of the product, performance.

5, communication cable and communication cable

communication cable it is television, radio, data transmission cables and cable and other electrical information; Communication optical cable optical fiber as a light wave transmission medium, therefore, held information transmission; Radio frequency cable is practical in radio communications, radio and electronic set equipment deployment in rf signal transmission cable.

6, the choose and buy wire note

a, first need to see the wire it have 3 c certification mark, or did it through the national electrotechnical commission certification, must through the above any one to buy.

b, watch the skin protection of copper wire, good quality and the service life of the wire is long, and there will be no leakage happens, at the same time, it depends on the quality of the copper wire it, because it is an important part of the wire, so can't choose the poor.

well, above is the small make up to introduce is the types of wires, believe that everyone should also understand now. So many different kinds of wires, everyone in the choice to choose according to their needs, must choose good quality, because the wire is related to our personal safety and other issues, I hope it can help you.

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