The use of high pressure wear casing wall is choice according to the purpose

by:Mings     2020-05-21

now in the market also appeared a lot of high pressure wear casing wall, we were walking on the road, also can see there are a lot of time, is when we see can know it is only used to fixed, but its basic function is not known to us, below small make up on the use of the product use and share with you. As is the use of high pressure wear casing wall according to the purpose to select, if it is installed in the room type and room appearance is according to the purpose, can choose products with the conductor and conductor of the mother line wear casing wall. The room is generally selected distribution equipment aluminum conductor wear casing wall. And they at the time of installation shall be also need to select the voltage, outdoor and indoor than low voltage, and the average voltage of 3 - products 6 kv products can also be used to improve the polarization voltage, and rated current selection is also need to choose, because it corresponds to the rated current of choice is also under the condition of the use of the corresponding to use. So a user at the time of purchase or want to choose what kind of products to install, also need according to the actual situation to choose. This piece of news is the small make up to share the use of high pressure wear casing wall also choose according to the purpose, so that in the process of selection can be used under the condition of using the corresponding. If you are interested in our products, can focus on this small make up to the site will be regularly updated product news, if you have a better understanding of product, can call consulting, our company welcome new and old customers to inquire here.

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