The use of ion grounding

by:Mings     2020-04-18
Pure copper ion grounding series tube filled with high carbon ion compound crystal, copper materials. In order to ensure the best conductive performance and longer service life. Conductor inside filler material contains special electric ion compound, can absorb the moisture in the soil. Through the deliquescence, active ions released into the soil, effectively combine with moisture in the soil and air, promote more external slow-release conductor resistance reduction, resistance and maintain long-term stability. Conductor inside the compound, the extension of time gradually combined into glial transparent state. We use glue to compound conductive performance, the whole system in the long-term in a state of ion exchange, which constitutes the ideal electrolytic ion grounding. After the ion absorb the moisture in this way, you can through the deliquescence, will be active electrolytic ion released into the surrounding soil effectively, make earth a ion generator, thus improving the surrounding soil to grounding requirements. Grounding external filler through its internal electrolysis ions interact to produce for shell of filler soil chemical processing, lower layer soil resistivity, slow-release between earth and the earth soil at the same time, forming a transition zone, increases the grounding of the equivalent sectional area and the contact area of the soil, eliminate the contact resistance between the grounding body and soil, improved the electric field distribution, filler good permeability, go deep into the mud and fissure in roots reticular formation, increase the discharge area in the ground. Characteristics: the working mechanism by internal and external electrode ion release effect of the filler material, improve the contact of electrodes and the surrounding soil environment, achieve the goal of drag reduction. Ground stability external filler material has good anticorrosion, water absorption, moisture, not affected by the impact of climate change, the grounding resistance in one week after the construction completion into steady state, is not affected by soil dry wet, will not rise over time. Life cycle have antiseptic effect, ion automatically added, so the effective life cycle more than 30 years. Using calculation: In 3 m long ion grounding extremely) Formula: Rc = 0. 059 Rnc / l =ρbaha n = 0。 059 · rho/r. l. eta when soil resistivity for 1000, grounding resistance is not greater than 4 Ω, calculation result is as follows: n = 0. 059×1000/( 4×3×0. 73). = 6. 7 when soil resistivity for 1000, grounding resistance is not greater than 1 Ω, calculation result is as follows: n = 0. 059×1000/( 1×3×0. 69). = 28. Method of use: give priority to with drilling construction, as a vertical grounding system, drilling within the trench, implantation of grounding, into the outer packing. Can also horizontal buried in the gutter. Embedding spacing greater than 6 meters.
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