The use of the heat shrinkable cable accessories

by:Mings     2020-07-15

heat shrinkable cable accessories in use process, often have the client will reflect appear such failure, small make up today to say with you the use of heat shrinkable cable accessories, actually literally understanding should also know how to operate it is used.

common power cable conductor, insulation, shielding, and sheath and so on four main structure layer, heat shrinkable cable accessories, as an integral part of the cable line in heat shrinkable cable terminal head, heat shrinkable cable intermediate joint, must make the four layer structure of the cable has continued, respectively, and can realize good conductor, insulation and reliable, good seal and adequate mechanical strength, to ensure the quality of cable terminals and cable connector, to ensure that the entire cable power supply reliability of distribution network.

in cable terminal and tapping, due to cable metal sheath and disconnect the shield, the electric field distribution is much more complicated than the cable ontology, axial stresses are present in electric cable terminals, so you need to use heat shrinkable cable accessories to realize the continuous and barge connection of cable, that is, a can satisfy the requirement of a certain insulation and sealing connection device.

the use of heat shrinkable cable accessories:

first want cable accessories covered tightly heat shrinkage. Before I can of course in the contraction to woolly on quilt cover objects, the cable set good before heat shrinkage. Then the process of heating's views, some people heat gun is used to heat, some people are sent into the oven to bake, and some people use hair dryer heating to shrink. But there are some not clear how the heat shrinkage of users, they will directly with firing, at that time the cable accessories is likely will burn well.

because of the heat shrinkable cable accessories by heating it is needed to shrink, but does not mean that it can withstand the direct contact of fire, it needs the heat shrinkage is good when the temperature go up, it will shrink under high temperature and package of bedding bag objects.

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