The use of the Shared bus heat shrinkable tube requirements and matters needing attention

by:Mings     2020-06-24

in our life bus heat shrinkage tube is very broad, its outer layer is made of high quality soft crosslinked polyolefin material and lining hot melt adhesive composite processing, and the outer material with insulating anticorrosive, wear-resisting, etc, with low melting point, waterproof seal and the advantages of high adhesion. Small make up in this article with micro electric power company will introduce you to bus heat shrinkable tube use requirements and matters needing attention, we take a look at the following:

busbar heat shrinkable tube use requirements and use note:

1. Processing good bus flat on a clean soft platform, to prevent scratches, wait for after cooling for renovation.

2。 Processing good bus, to turn the bus tidy up the heat shrinkable protective casing, to prevent wrinkles.

3。 Except for the burrs, sharp corners on the bus, in case the bus in the process of hot shrinkage tube retraction Pierce heat shrinkable tube cause craze.

4。 Casing, incision should be neat, smooth, and may not produce burr or rupture, in order to avoid heat shrinkage stress concentration, when the spread along the fissure.

5。 Bus heat shrinkable tube one can use the following methods, such as: constant temperature oven, propane lamp, liquefied gas flame, gas burner, and industrial electric heating air pressure gun.

6。 With the bus before the heat shrinkable tube, must advance with quick dry type detergent, cleaning after busbar connection part of the oil pollution, in order to be heat shrinkable tube set on thermal shrinkage on the bus.

7。 Heat shrinkable stepmother exhaust heat shrinkable casing protection surface clean and smooth, uniform shrinkage, bus without sear, fade, heat shrinkable tube surface bubbles, cracking phenomenon, no fold bending, surface is scratched.

8。 Hair dryer or liquefied gas spray gun, it must be from one end to the other end of the uniform heating or from middle to both ends of uniform heating to bus heat shrinkable tube contraction, ( Is heated from both ends to the middle, air bulge phenomenon) 。

9。 Uniform heating retraction in oven temperature between 100 ℃ ~ 130 ℃, 5 ~ 10 minutes. For bus of large size, time of 20 ~ 30 minutes. Roasted over 3 ~ 5 minutes after cooling, according to the requirements on the edge of the lap surface distance 10 mm ring cut, cut off lap surface inside the bus heat shrinkable protection casing, trimming should be neat.

10。 Gun ( General temperature 400 ℃ ~ 600 ℃) And all kinds of blue flame, More than 800 ℃) Heating tool, must pay attention to fire and bus heat shrinkable tube, namely 4 ~ 5 cm even move, the flame of the surface of the outer flame and heat shrinkable tube into 450 Angle, and to move while heating, not too close to the surface of the casing or heating concentrated in one place, otherwise it will create uneven casing or burns.

busbar heat shrinkable tube the classification of the other features, such as ordinary bus heat shrinkable tube and enhanced busbar heat shrinkable tube, the main difference is that enhanced bus heat shrinkable tube wall thickness thicker.

busbar heat shrinkable tube classification we first thought should be classified with different levels of pressure. Bus heat shrinkable tube is applied to the different stress levels of formation classification such as transformer, transformer substation, common have 1 kv bus heat shrinkable tube, 10 kv bus heat shrinkable tube, 20 kv bus heat shrinkable tube, 35 kv bus heat shrinkable tube, etc.

busbar heat shrinkable tube the classification of the classification as we can see intuitively should belong to the color classification. Bus heat shrinkable tubes according to the appearance of color have black bus heat shrinkable tube, red bus heat shrinkable tube, yellow bus heat shrinkable tube, green bus heat shrinkable tube, bus, of course, other colors heat shrinkable tubes also have, although not common, general WoErXing this factory can be customized.

busbar heat shrinkable tube type note 2:

to determine the size of the need to protect the bus. Bus is depending on the current size of the size of the absolute, generally we choose the bus size for regular size: 15 * 3 * 3 * 3, 20, 25, 30 * 5 * 4 * 4, 40, 40, 50 * 6, 60 * * 5, 50, 60 * 8 '8 reached 6 reached 10 reached * * * * 10100 * 6100 * 8100 * 10120 * 8120 * 10, 2 ( 60 * 6) , 2 ( 60 * 8) , 2 ( 60×10) , 2 ( 80×6) , 2 ( 80×8) , 2 ( 80×10) , 2 ( 100×6) , 2 ( 100×8) 2 ( 100×10) , 2 ( 120×8) , 2 ( 120×10)

so selection, we according to the actual bus size, choose the corresponding bus models can heat shrinkable tube. ( Such as the use of 20 * 3 bus, we can choose Ф 20 bus. ) But if there is a special type of bus, we couldn't find a bus standard heat shrinkable tube and the matching, we can according to the formula D = L + W ( D is bus strength inside the heat shrinkable tube, L is the width of the bus, W is the thickness of the bus) 。 In also has a lot of time, of course, is not that appropriate models to choose, so when the choice, we must pay attention to:

if you choose too small bus model heat shrinkable tube, after use, heat shrinkable tube thickness may slants thin, can not meet the safety of the insulation effect, may be is bus heat shrinkable tube rupture.

if you select the type of bus heat shrinkable tube, heat shrinkable tube after use may appear shrink is not tight, or shrink after the appearance of wrinkles.

the above is the whole content of this article. If you have any questions about the content of hot and cold cable accessories or need to learn more about knowledge, welcome to visit our website http://www. efarad8. com/。 Or call our free phone:, we have a professional technical team to give you a disambiguation answer. AnWei electric power company focused on cold and hot shrinkage cable accessories, busbar heat shrinkable tube, heat shrinkable casing research and development and manufacturing, look forward to working with you hand in hand and win-win future!

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