The wide application of heat shrinkable tube

by:Mings     2020-07-01

in today's society, heat shrinkable tube is widely used in the field of electronics, electricity, cable, etc, and plays an important role in daily life for the social development. Heat shrinkable tube, it USES the radiation crosslinked polyolefin and its polymer alloy, after high-energy radiation produce the shape memory effect, so as to realize coated all kinds of wire and cable connector, mention the purpose of insulation protection. Heat shrinkable tube after our human development of derivatives has been in various areas and industries. So what are heat shrinkable tube manufacturing process? It is mainly divided into four parts: the first mixed granulation, the extrusion molding, third radiation crosslinking, the fourth expansion to finalize the design, packaging.

heat shrinkable tube using the technology of production process has the following three points:

1. A chemical formula,

2. Molding technology ( Extrusion molding technology and injection molding technology) ,

3。 Drive control technology, the tension control technology, expand production technology and production technology of various kinds of needs to precise calculation.

heat shrinkable tube manufacturing process has the following four points:

1, the expansion of shape

heat after radiation crosslinking of plastic tubing to high elastic state, and then use the expansion expansion machine, heat shrinkable tube, expansion to finalize the design parameters are: temperature 120 ~ 150 ℃, the input speed of 8 ~ 10 hz, pull out rate of 8 ~ 10 hz, vacuum - 0. 06MPa。

2, extrusion moulding

extrusion molding is composed of extruder, cooling trough, tractor, tension and winding machine. Its process parameters is: extrusion speed is 20 ~ 50 r/min, traction speed of 30 ~ 50 hz, extruder temperature 90 ~ 130 ℃.

3, mixed granulation,

according to the formula according to take all kinds of raw materials, using high-speed mixer mixing evenly, a mixing capacity is 110 kg, the mixing time of 8 ~ 12 min. Mixed granulation of pelleting machine, cooling water tank, blow drying machine and cutting machine. Mixed granulation process parameters are: host speed 1 000 ~ 1 400 r/min, feeder speed of 50 to 80 r/min, the body temperature of 110 ~ 160 ℃, the nose temperature 190 ~ 240 ℃.

4, radiation crosslinking

radiation crosslinking is completed by electron accelerator and under the beam transmission device, the function of the electron accelerator is the ray, irradiation for plastic pipe material, make its produce crosslinking, beam under the function of transmission device is plastic pipe straight into send electron accelerator, after winding number to determine, by controlling the electron accelerator beam and beam under the transmission speed can be obtained to radiation dose.

these production technology can greatly reduce the cost of investment, reduce the energy consumption and production cost, improve the production efficiency and product quality, to produce a product has high mechanical strength and longer service life, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, resistance to environmental stress, etc.

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