The working principle of the lightning rod

by:Mings     2020-04-15
In thunderstorm weather, a charged clouds in the sky over tall buildings, the lightning rod and the buildings on the ceiling are a lot of charge, because of the lightning rod needle is sharp, so electrostatic induction, always gathered the most charge conductor tip. So it will be brought together most of the lightning rod, electrical charge. Lightning rod and the charged clouds formed another capacitor, because it is sharp, namely the poles look the size of the capacitor is small, capacitance is small, which means it can hold a charge very little. And it has brought together most of the charge, so, when the cloud is large, the electric charge on the lightning rod between the clouds and air can easily be breakdown, become a conductor. So, charged clouds and the lightning rod form pathways, and lightning rod and earthing, lightning rod to charge into the earth in the cloud, make its not dangerous high-rise buildings, guarantee its safety. Lightning rod, lightning, and lightning protection needle, is used to protect buildings, tall trees, etc to avoid lightning device. The lightning rod by ShanQi, of grounding down lead and body 3 parts. Meet ShanQi usually takes 15 ~ 20 mm diameter, length, round steel or steel tube for 1 ~ 2 m, fixed in upper pillar by the ground down lead connected to the grounding system. When thunder clouds of plasma channel development to closer to the ground, because of the lightning rod jutting tip and grounding is good, near the tip of the electric field strength increased, accumulate the opposite polarity charge, direct discharge to develop in the direction of the lightning rod, finally hit the lightning rod, lightning energy effectively introduced into the earth.
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