The working principle of transformer and the function of the sheath? What are those?

by:Mings     2020-07-13

believe that everybody should know, in the middle of the grid distribution transformer generally placed in and outside the field, a lot of small animals, such as: rats, birds, chickens, cats, snakes, hare, weasel, etc. , often to the transformer, especially in winter, snow, on the transformer temperature is higher, is a small animal like the rest of the local, small animals, when it touches a charged body can form power line tripping, constitute a large area blackout, form the serious economic loss. Transformer security shield made from high voltage insulation resistance, suitable for all kinds of distribution transformer, convenient installation, and all kinds of wire clip, right below small make up to us to sort out some of the transformer and its sheath knowledge:

a, the working principle of transformer:

1. When applying ac voltage transformer primary side U1, current flows through a winding for I1, then the current produces alternating magnetic flux in the core, make the primary winding and secondary winding magnetic contact, according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, alternating magnetic flux through the two winding will induction electromotive force, its size and the winding of Max is proportional to the number of turns and main magnetic flux, winding circle number more than one side of the high voltage, low voltage winding circle number fewer side, when the transformer secondary side open, namely the transformer no-load, a voltage of the secondary and a secondary winding is proportional to the number of turns, namely the U1 / U2 = N1 N2, but is consistent with the primary and secondary frequency, and then realize the change of the voltage.

2。 Transformer is sound far transformer core choose good low-loss cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, the high speed punch punching and shearing, has smaller burr and uniform rules, laminated neat and beautiful, small loss, choose excellent insulation wire coil, made by special machine around the circular, rectangular shape, such as a tight, put neat, good flatness, beautiful appearance. Hardware is embalmed, transformer after pre baked - as a whole - vacuum leaching paint Thermal drying curing process, make the transformer winding and iron core is firm as a whole, greatly reduce the noise, in the operation of transformer insulation function.

2, the action of transformer sheath:

1. To avoid the branch such as foreign body lap or small animals crawling form interphase short circuit.

2。 Transformer sheath the attack to avoid personal electric shock disturbance is basic and more secure.

3。 Transformer sheath is the effect of insulation, avoid direct contact with the transformer external things and people, the so-called insulation is to some charged object with non-conductive up or is separate from, and then reach a protective effect, can not get an electric shock, is a security measure.

this is the principle of transformer and all sheathed effect are introduced, more knowledge consult website customer service, we sincerely service for you!

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