The world's largest single capacity hydropower station by acceptance trial before water storage

by:Mings     2020-07-20
12, reporters learned from China Yangtze river three gorges group company, shall be the responsibility of the three gorges is the all-round development of the lower reaches of the jinsha river hydropower station group, including xiangjiaba power station by the yunnan and sichuan provinces water acceptance trial, the first batch of units to produce in years. < P> as we have learned, xiangjiaba hydropower station has a single capacity of 800000 kw hydro-generator, is one of the largest hydropower station capacity in the world. Three gorges group general manager Chen said that at present, the xiangjiaba hydropower station dam has casting to 364 meters in elevation, guide gap is backfill, after the dam building complete civil engineering to mechanical and electrical/surface for the first time, the right bank underground power station began the ontology of unit installation. < / P> < P> xiangjiaba hydropower station is located in the border of sichuan province and yunnan province, is located in the jinsha river, is rich in hydropower resources. Hydropower project installed 8 units of 800000 mw generating set, in which two plans this year put into production power generation. All units, after the production of the planned annual output will reach 30. 7 billion KWH. < / P> < P> three gorges group, said cao guangjing, chairman of the group will be stronger, made the optimal hydropower, make contributions to the national energy structure adjustment. And he said, 'twelfth five-year' period, the three gorges group will organize the construction of three gorges underground power station, xiangjiaba and xiluodu, baihetan beach, east Germany, small south China sea, such as 6 large hydropower station, the group in 2015 to the installed capacity of 55 million kilowatts. < / P>
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