This year's electricity supply and demand is still tight demand gap between 30 million and 40 million kilowatts

by:Mings     2020-06-28
China electric power enterprise federation recently forecast: 2012 electricity demand growth will slow, but by the installed especially thermal power installed slow growth, coal supply, water and electricity and water influence factors such as uncertainty, the country's electricity supply and demand will remain tight, regional, inherent, seasonal power shortage. < P> this year maximum power 30 million - 40 million kw < / P> < P> the itu analysis, in 2012, the economy and power growth will fall, the whole society power consumption growth is expected to 8. 5% - 10. 5%, annual power consumption will be 5. After 14 trillion KWH, which may be present before the 'low' distribution. < / P> < P> on the supply side, the country is expected to new power 85 million kw, the end of the whole caliber power capacity reached 11. About 400 million kilowatts. In 2012, but according to the current situation judgment, hydropower and water concerned hemiplegia probability, regional electricity coal, an inherent contradiction is still prominent, supply the external environment is still grim. < / P> < P> overall balance analysis, is expected in 2012 the country's electricity supply and demand is still tight, regional, inherent, seasonal power shortage is still outstanding, maximum power 30 million - 40 million kw. Annual power generation equipment for use in 4750 hours or so, thermal power equipment for use in 5300 - 5400 hours. Compared with the 2011 data, power supply situation may not too big change. < / P> < P> coal supplies are still is to ensure that the power supply of the most key < / P> < P> the itu is expected, in 2012 the national coal consumption will increase over the previous year 1. 500 million tons, the corresponding need new domestic more than 300 million tons of coal supply, in order to better safeguard coal needs. < / P> < P> 2011 decreased hair hydropower and thermal power fast growth, greatly influenced the coal supply and demand. The whole caliber capacity 4 last year. 72 trillion KWH, an increase of 11. 7%; Among them, the water and electricity by 3. 14 5%, thermal power growth. 1%. Last year the national key power generation enterprises for total, coal consumption growth 15 respectively. 78% and 15. 3%, average daily supply and coal consumption of 3. 81 million tons and 3. 74 million tons respectively. Thermal coal market is tight, some provinces in the local time of coal supply tension, impact power supply. < / P> < P> so the itu recommendations, to release the coal production capacity as soon as possible, ensure sufficient electricity coal supply; To do a good job in coal price supervision and inspection of purge circulation, strictly control the coal to be present ( Factory) The price. At the system level, the relevant departments to timely launch of coal linkage, making electricity price formation mechanism as soon as possible, keep reasonable power plant coal level. < / P> < P> clean energy investment proportion significantly improve < / P> < P> in recent years, rising proportion of clean energy in China, the thermal power installed but slow growth. At the end of 2011, hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, solar and other clean energy proportion has reached 27. 5% increase over the previous year 0. 9%. < / P> < P> investment data also show that the contrast will continue to develop. In 2011, thermal power investment accounts for the proportion of power investment dropped to 28. 4%, the proportion of clean energy investment has improved significantly. < / P> < P> the itu, points out that attention to the influence of the large scale development of new energy power supply and demand balance. Although the new energy power generation for power structure adjustment and made great contribution to energy conservation and emissions reduction, but also cause great influence to the power balance between supply and demand. New energy sources such as wind power, solar energy density low, power generation using fewer hours, hard to match the stable demand, not a substitute for conventional power supply. Therefore, in the active development of new energy power generation at the same time, must carefully study could satisfy the requirement of reliable power supply design and actively implement the power grid planning and construction schedule. < / P>
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