This year the country's electricity supply and demand is still tight regional power shortage

by:Mings     2020-07-19
In the wide net Beijing on February 5th message ( Reporter FeiLei) According to the voice of China 'national news broadcast' report, the electric power enterprise federation latest forecasts, the power of 2012, China's growth will slow, overall is still tight power supply and demand, regional, inherent, seasonal power shortage. < P> the itu in 2012 by the 2011 national electricity supply and demand situation and analysis forecast that this year our country under the work always tone regulation of seek improvement in stability, power will come down, its growth is expected annual electricity consumption 5 in the whole society. 11 of 1. 4 billion KWH, growth by 2011. Fell 7% to 8. 5% - 10. 5%. < / P> < P> the itu said xue jing, director of the statistics department, the external environment of the power supply will continue this year last year, the serious situation of < / P> < P> xue jing: concerned hydroelectric power is likely to appear water hemiplegia, hunan, hubei, jiangxi and guangdong have a larger gap,. In 2012 is expected to 30 million, the country's electricity supply and demand gap if hydropower worse than we expected, could reach 40 million kilowatts during the summer in the wind. < / P> < P> the itu coal consumption this year is expected to increase over the previous year 1. Tensions in 500 million tons, coal supply and demand will continue. < / P> < P> xue jing: from coal production capacity for the country is no problem, but we can produce to the lack of coal provinces, the capacity for now even this year the biggest problem in 2013, transportation not guaranteed, it is completely lack of coal. < / P> < P> the itu predicts that this year will add around 85 million kw generator set, by the end of the power capacity in China is up to 11. About 400 million kilowatts. < / P>
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