To explore the effects of post insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-20
Post insulator, this product has been a lot of electric power industry and universal application of large enterprises, and this product has the pollution resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, no deformation, no fading, and other advantages. So, next, by our post insulator manufacturer to introduce you to you post insulator product knowledge. Our manufacturer consumer post insulator is of good quality, but the long-term use, also can present ageing phenomenon. The product of aging is the elements of a number of ways, it with the manufacturer's selection of materials, formula, process flow, and also accepts the electric resistance of the load operation environment and operation so that the effect of external force. If the product formula, in the process of manufacturing process flow of mixed materials do not average, lack of burning fire, so the product is easy to constitute a hygroscopic air hole. And structure is not reasonable, or forming unequal error, force, also can make the inner stresses in the pillar insulator, incur post insulator produce crack, air gap, so that the deterioration. In heavy pollution area, post insulator due to fog or dew wet forming voltage imbalance, cause creeping discharge. After a long run, ultraviolet degradation and creeping discharge form. At the beginning of the color change along with the appearance, opaque and crack. These changes increase the appearance of roughness, impurity accumulation rate rise. Corona discharge will probably have the appearance and corrosion, an umbrella group of cracking or piercings.
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