To prevent the high voltage insulator ice method of arcing fault

by:Mings     2020-05-14
Prevent high voltage insulator ice arcing fault method 1 less dust, V type high voltage insulator string self-cleaning performance is better. The partial arc occurs easily ionized gas diffusion, ice lightning pressure is high. On weather, ice and heavy polluted area double string of high voltage insulator, selectively ( In view of ZM tower) Inverted 'V' reform, the effect is good & quot; Reform but greater investment and complex, the hardware and the influence of the wire to be tested. 2, or to the manufacturers make to order, which each have a large umbrella skirt synthesis under high voltage insulator. Can block the formation of icicles, the polluted stream, linear single union porcelain high voltage insulator, middle and bottom mounted on three big bottle cap. To prevent harm also to have certain effect, but the anti-icing effect than inverted V transformation, the transformation is larger, more complex and investment for new lines. 3 keep the infusion bag or bottle series and trailer clamp Angle. This method less investment and easy in implementation, the experience is in a tension within the period of the straight line tower deviation. Suitable for single string of high voltage insulator, but its effect and influence on hardware and wire should be tested. 4 the synthesis of high voltage insulator above to add a bottle cap, synthesis of high voltage insulator cap bottles. This method is high voltage insulator models are applicable, prevent water tower along the high voltage insulator encounter cold ice, the implementation of the investment, transformation and effects are centered, suitable for modified lines, but unable to isolate high voltage insulator string itself ice. 5, by adopting the method of paste or thermoplastic special plate diameter silicone umbrella skirt hood. Synthesize the original ordinary high voltage insulator and special big umbrella plate fixed for an organic whole. Restricted by silica gel softness, can do 400600 mm diameter the advantage with the broader market diameter high voltage insulator, and because of the diameter increases, the prevention of the sound function than the ice hv insulator flash more outstanding. Diameter can choose ( General 400700 mm its deicing flash effect is good, add cover plate diameter FRP umbrella skirt (6 Straw hat type) Fixed in the cross arm above * a high-voltage insulator. Defect is diameter increase effect after repair, and unable to isolate high voltage insulator ice itself. In this paper, the information is composed of high voltage surge arrester manufacturer rui electrical collected, reproduced please indicate: http://www. fxbw4。 com/ 【 On a message: different high voltage insulator wiring specification 】 【 The next message: bad weather the harm of high pressure on transmission line insulator 】
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