Transformer capacity and loss parameter tester technical indicators

by:Mings     2020-04-25
Transformer capacity and loss parameter tester technical indicators: 1, the products completely accord with national standard 'JJG124 - 93 ammeter, voltage meter, power meter, resistance meter verification regulation for overall precision of 0. Level 5. 1-2, ac voltage: range scope 750 v, the accuracy of 0. 5%. 3, alternating current: range range 0. 1 - 100 a, the accuracy of 0. 5%. 4, the active power: range range 0. 0 05 Cos Φ 1 or less, or less accuracy. 5%. 5, no-load loss: range range 0. 2 Cos Φ 1 or less, or less accuracy + 0. 5%. 6, load loss: range range 0. 05 Cos Φ 1 or less, or less accuracy + 0. 5%. 7, working temperature: - 10℃ ~ +40℃ 。 8, size: 320 mm * 240 mm * 130 mm. 9, immunity to electromagnetic interference: transformer capacity tester in the test field can guarantee in the conduction and radiation, electromagnetic interference voltage waveform under the condition of serious distortion and discharge, no substantial damage. 10 and safety indicators: transformer capacity tester, with perfect protection measures of the power output in the case of over current and short circuit will not damage; Test part of the circuit also has the protection function, voltage, current circuit overload capacity is strong. Test power supply voltage range for safety, can effectively ensure the personal safety of test personnel. Transformer capacity and loss parameter tester is based on the current market situation and development, the development of high precision testing instruments. It comes with high performance rechargeable batteries, charging without external power supply can 100 were measured continuously at a time. Internal digital synthesis of three-phase standard sine wave signal at the same time, low distortion, high stability, effectively ensures that all items not under the rated conditions on the accuracy of the test data; Through efficient power amplifier output three road testing power supply, can automatically adjust the output voltage and current can be adapted to different test of transformer capacity, wide application range. Transformer capacity and loss parameter test instrument factory in measuring transformer capacity and the transformer short-circuit loss does not need external three-phase test power supply and voltage regulator, inverter and other auxiliary equipment, simplifying the wiring, greatly improving the work efficiency; Capacity test result accuracy of 100%. Adaptable: an instrument equipped with highly efficient lithium battery, don't need external communication power supply at the scene also can work long hours, very suitable for the power outage passive situation. Test is simple: instrument with three-phase ac test power supply ( Three-phase standard sine wave signal, is by no means a simple ac inverter power supply, ensure accuracy of test data) , in the test when the transformer capacity without external power supply, greatly simplifies the complexity of the test, test instrument itself and only a few lines can complete the test of the transformer capacity. Small volume, light weight, the smallest, only 320 mm * 240 mm * 130 mm ( More than half of smaller than similar products) And the lightest weight, only 3 kg ( Similar products the lightest also want 10 kg) 。 Instrument with a battery remaining power indicator function, can be the percentage of the remaining power in liquid crystal display ( Far from simple kui electric alarm) , convenient for the user that the instrument work ability continuously, avoid the loss of electricity can't test or test data is not accurate. Transformer capacity tester for 10 kv and 35 kv level of standard and non-standard distribution transformer capacity test, capacity test range is 10 ~ 100000 kva. Non-standard transformer including: transformer, intermediate frequency electric furnace transformer, rectifier transformer, etc. Powerful function: one machine can, a device can realize the function of multiple devices. 吗? As the transformer capacity tester can measure the capacity of transformer, through high precision instrument internal three-phase power source and the calculation method of special precision measurement of capacity. 吗? As the transformer loss parameter tester can undertake all kinds of transformer no-load test and load test; Test data include percentage no-load current, no-load loss, impedance voltage, load loss, etc. 吗? As the electric parameter tester for all kinds of electric power system parameter precision measurement, including: three-phase voltage, three-phase ac current, the phase Angle between voltage and current, three-phase power, etc. Simple operation, easy to understand; Large screen, high brightness LCD display, menu of Chinese characters and Chinese character prompt operation realize friendly man-machine dialogue; The user can save the test data and check at any time; Within their own clock, can display the current date and time; Test results by the micro high-speed printers, print it out, let the customers confirm to sign and effective processing as the basis.
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