Transmission line high voltage insulator development

by:Mings     2020-04-28
Transmission line high voltage insulator at present, the use of high pressure on the transmission line insulator are disc hanging porcelain high voltage insulator, disc hanging glass high voltage porcelain insulator, high-voltage lines column type high voltage insulator, bar hanging composite high-voltage insulator types, etc. Among them, the pillar of lines and bar hanging the usage of compound high voltage insulator *, widely used in all kinds of level voltage system. Compound high voltage insulator has compact structure, high strength, light weight, good elasticity, not easily broken, not easily affected by man-made destruction, excellent hydrophobic and without cleaning, leakage distance, happened to zero value, less maintenance and installation convenient transportation, has been widely used all over the world, gradually become the mainstream product in this field. 2. 2 power station with high voltage insulator with high voltage insulator main pillar high-voltage insulator and hollow high voltage insulator. Pillar high-voltage insulator main electrical insulation and mechanical support role, can be used in isolating switch, bus bar pillar, reactor, series compensation platform, special transformer and other electrical equipment. According to the main insulation material is divided into porcelain pillar pillar high pressure high voltage insulator, glass insulator and composite pillar high-voltage insulator 3 kinds. Pillar high-voltage insulator vitreous main is a delegate with overlapping cone structure, haven't seen this kind of high voltage insulator in the Chinese market the use of information. Porcelain pillar high-voltage insulator has a wealth of operating experience, good mechanical and electrical performance, umbrella is rich. Domestic strut porcelain forming technique of high voltage insulator wet molding and isostatic dry process. But the filth of the pillar high-voltage porcelain insulator performance is poorer. Pillar high-voltage insulator composite electrical excellent performance, antifouling performance, light weight, manufacturing process, tube sheet, the diameter and the height of the structure, not limited to manufacturing flexibility and good performance and good heat dissipation, explosion-proof operation, simple maintenance, the product is not breakdown type composite insulator. Its unique advantages make traditional high voltage insulator porcelain, glass is gradually lose market dominance, and become the ac/dc system with high voltage insulator is a new generation products. Hollow composite insulator high-pressure main and other electrical products, as the product of external insulation or mechanical support, can be applied to transformer, switch, current transformer, cable terminal, lightning arrester and other electrical equipment. According to the main insulation material is divided into composite hollow hollow high voltage insulator, porcelain high voltage insulator. Hollow composite high-voltage insulator has good fouling resistance, seismic performance, small volume, light weight, safe and reliable. Hollow composite high-voltage insulator in ultra-high pressure and ultra-high voltage field application has had the very big breakthrough, especially in dc power transmission project, shows many advantages. 2. 3 grade 10 kv and below 10 kv and below level of high voltage insulator high voltage insulator are big, involving varieties *, its main application field and characteristics in the following aspects: 1. Intelligent power station: intelligent power station, is the intelligent substation deployment, control and protection function. When the low pressure load increases, the substation to send out to satisfy the increasing load capacity, low pressure load, small substation send less electricity, make sure to save energy. So for the future focus on the development of intelligent power station area. 2. Distribution: distribution is directly linked to the user in the power system and power link to the user distribution, the construction of distribution network, will be such high voltage insulator are * large areas over the next five years. 3. Urbanization: with the progress of high voltage suspension insulator products in recent years, in view of the city construction need high voltage insulator has shifted from quantity, share gradually transition to the reliability, because of its safety and reliability gradually strengthen, also more and more applied to the construction of urbanization. 【 On a message: the current situation of the development of high voltage insulator] 【 The next message: high voltage insulator test standard 】
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