Transverse to the technical requirements and structure characteristics of insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-03
Cross arm of the insulator technical requirements and structure characteristics of cross arm is a cone or cylinder of porcelain insulator for power overhead line, also called cross arm insulator. It besides the same as the normal line insulator fixed wire and ground insulation function, but also in whole or in part to replace iron or wooden cross arm. Cross arm with two kinds of metal accessories and metal accessories. Application more medium voltage and over voltage grade porcelain crossarm with metal accessories. Attachments has two holes, a hole for mounting bolts, another close to the role of the hole of the root is when porcelain crossarm have uneven tension force by shear bolts on the hole can make porcelain crossarm rotate along the retaining bolt, to ease the imbalance of tension on both sides. Using porcelain crossarm, fixed and binding wire form has two kinds, one kind is directly binding, another kind is the porcelain with the head with a connection, for the suspension clamp. China has production of molding products used electrical and mechanical properties of porcelain crossarm compared with the same voltage class of ordinary line insulator, its characteristic is: 1, the insulation of the porcelain crossarm distance and the creepage distance is larger, 50% full wave impulse flashover voltage and the dry, wet power frequency flashover voltage is higher; 2 porcelain crossarm magnet is longer, mechanical bending strength is low, considering the factor of safety, allow * big load generally are smaller than normal line insulator of the same voltage grade, so the porcelain crossarm is not suitable for conductor cross section and span larger circuit. Commonly used porcelain crossarm 35 kv porcelain crossarm, 10 kv porcelain crossarm and 10 kv porcelain pull rod 3 kinds. An electric high voltage insulator relevant search. High voltage insulator composite insulator 【 A message: on the mechanical properties of the composite insulator, composite insulator and electrical properties 】 【 The next message: pin insulator structure characteristics and manufacturing process 】
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