Two basic composite post insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-17

composite post insulator is our company's main production of an electric power equipment, its application in our electric power industry is very important, the composite post insulator is a special kind of insulation control, following by our staff to do detailed introduce for all of us. Hope that our introduction to bring you help. Son composite post insulator in power industry have the effect of two basic, one kind is in the midst of overhead transmission lines, due to various electric stress caused by the failure. Environmental and electrical load conditions change will run using life. Damage in the use of the whole line and mechanical properties, such as the aging. In the process of aging in damp conditions, each and every line as natural pollution actual uv and creeping discharge degradation caused by road on the creeping discharge. These changes increase the surface roughness, leading to the impurity accumulation rate, the corona discharge and surface corrosion could produce. After long-term operation does not guarantee the service life of it. If slow, composite post insulator will be very good run quite a long time, in most areas. The composite post insulator failure will occur within a few years later. We will inspect the products at ordinary times, found that the problem needs to be changed in time.

related knowledge about composite post insulator, because of time, today we went to introduce here. If you are interested in our products, can focus on our website, later will use more of the news. Also can call our hotline at any time as we.

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