Types of 35 kv and below power series accessories

by:Mings     2020-07-17

in the cable industry, cable terminal is installed at the end of the cable line, it has a certain insulation and sealing performance, so that you can make the cable connected to other electrical equipment installed. And cable joint it is installed between the cable and cable, the cable conductor connected, to form a continuous circuit and has a certain insulation and sealing performance of the pack. Is the main purpose of power cable accessories based on cable links and link to ensure that the cable terminal and connector of absolute insulation and sealing. So the application in power system is very wide, wide range of products is also very.

( A) According to the installation position classification attachments listed in the electric circuit of

1. The type of cable termination

cable terminal according to the use place different can be divided into the following categories:

( 1) Indoor terminal. In both from the sun and BaoBo in the climate environment using the terminal.

( 2) Outdoor terminal. In direct sunlight or exposed to climate or both cases use the terminal.

( 3) Terminal equipment. Be connected with connected to the cable on the electrical equipment of corresponding structure or component part (s). In order to make the joint of cable conductors and equipment all over the insulation state. For example, the GIS terminal, people like abandoned type of transformer terminals and used in medium voltage cable separable connector, etc.

2。 The type of cable intermediate joint

cable intermediate joint can be divided into the following categories:

( 1) Through joint. Connect the two cables form a continuous circuit of attachment.

( 2) Branch joint. The branch cable connected to the main cable on the attachment.

( 3) Transition joints. The two different conductor or two different insulation of cable is connected in the middle of the joint.

ok, that's 35 kv and below power series accessories of all kinds are introduced, technology welcome the consultation, we wholeheartedly at your service!

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