Various types of high voltage insulator and classification

by:Mings     2020-05-19
Various types of high voltage insulator role definition and classification of high voltage insulator: used to support a charged conductor and the insulation of electric components. Generally by the insulation parts ( Such as porcelain) And metal accessories ( Such as steel feet, iron cap, flange, etc. ) Using cement agglutination or mechanical card installed. Insulator it is widely used in electric power system, generally belongs to the external insulation, work under atmospheric conditions. Overhead transmission lines, power plant and substation busbar and all sorts of electric equipment of external electric conductor must be made with the support insulator, and with the earth ( Or ground) Or other potential difference of the conductor insulation. In factory test, generally through the spark test can be breakdown of porcelain insulator, the sparks of high-voltage insulating surface occurs frequently, to maintain a certain period of time, look to whether be breakdown. Some high voltage insulator still need after corona experiments, radio interference test, partial discharge test and dielectric loss test, etc. High altitude insulator, make electric intensity drops by air density decreased, therefore, the withstand voltage conversion to standard atmospheric conditions should be increased accordingly. The basic properties of the high voltage insulator including electrical, mechanical and thermal properties. In addition, there is resistance to the environment and aging performance. When insulator voltage level, its size and weight also increased, but the electrical and mechanical properties is not in proportion to increase, heat-resistant zag performance degradation. Therefore, high voltage grade insulator made up more difficult. To avoid a breakdown in the operation, the breakdown voltage is higher than the flashover voltage of insulator. Along the surface of the insulating of destructive discharge called flashover, insulator flashover characteristics is the main electrical performance. For different voltage grade, the high voltage insulator the withstand voltage requirements vary, the indicators are dry, wet power frequency withstand voltage, lightning shock pressure, lightning shock wave pressure, impact operating pressure, etc. High voltage composite insulators in the power industry show the important role and function, can be divided into different forms of fittings and function, and give full play to the important role and contribution in use. Hanging clamp: used to wire on the perch of suspension insulator string, or hang the earth wire perch on earth wire. Composite insulator according to certain classification method with the classification can be divided into different forms of power, according to its main properties and USES can be divided into: clamp, the connection hardware, connection hardware, hardware protection, with the thread class. Different forms of fittings has different use value and function, can be in use to show the function and value will be different, need to determine the scope of the use and function according to the specific situation, strain clamp: is used to wire or overhead ground wire is fixed on the tension insulator string, the anchoring effect. Strain clamp has three categories, namely: bolt type strain clamp; Compression type strain clamp; Compression type strain clamp: it is composed of aluminum tube and steel anchor. Steel anchor for succeeded and anchoring steel core aluminum stranded wire on the steel core, and then sets of aluminum tube body, with pressure make metal plastic deformation, which will make the combination clamp and wire as a whole, wedge clamp: used to install the steel strand, tighten the earth wire and wire tower thread. It using the wedge splitting force, make steel strand lock online folder. ( 1) Clamp fittings class: bolt type strain clamp: by u-shaped vertical pressure of the screw and clip the wave trough of the friction effect of wires can be fixed. ( 2) Protective composite insulating subclasses: used for protective conductor, earth wire vibration shock hammer, convenient, damping line; Used to suppress the interval of time span vibration rods; Used for protection of insulator string produce corona shield ring and equalizing ring, etc. Using hydraulic pressure, applied to compression of the steel mould with hydraulic press the corresponding specification. When the detonation pressure, can use a detonation pressure or secondary detonation pressure, will clamp and wire ( Overhead ground wire) Pressure into a whole. ( 3) Pull power hardware categories: used to adjust and solid tower stay gold: adjustable UT type clamp; Steel wire clamp, use double thread and plate, etc. ( 4) Connection composite insulation subclasses: connection between hardware is used for the insulator string and tower, between the clamp and insulator string, overhead ground clamp and the tower of connection between hardware. Commonly used: connecting gold ball head hanging ring, bowl head hangs Taiwan, u-shaped hanging ring, rectangular hangs Taiwan and so on. Wedge clamp. ( 5) In our class: used for wire connection and overhead ground wire connection, tension tower jumper succeeded. Finalize the design in gold has: clamp pressure connection hardware, hydraulic connection hardware, bolt connection hardware, detonation pressure connection hardware. 【 On a message: the technical improvement of the composite insulator 】 【 The next message: composite insulator and porcelain insulator contrast 】
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