What are common role of insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-05
Insulator ( Commonly known as porcelain) Consists of porcelain with the local and two local intermediate with cement adhesive glue. Porcelain is locally ensure insulator has excellent electrical insulation strength, hardware is fixed insulator. The role of the insulator has two aspects: one is strong enough to support and fixed current-carrying conductor, the second is to provide a good insulation between current-carrying conductor and earth. Insulator can be divided by unit in a different way, suspension insulator and post insulator; According to the use of insulation materials, can be divided into the porcelain insulator, glass insulator and composite insulator ( Also known as composite insulator) ; According to the use of different voltage level, can be divided into low pressure insulator and high voltage insulator; According to the use of the different environmental conditions, derive impurity region using resistant insulator. According to the applied voltage variety, derive dc insulator; There are all kinds of special use of insulator, such as insulation cross arm, semiconductor and distribution in glaze insulator tension insulator, spool insulator and wiring insulator, etc. In addition, in accordance with the insulation breakdown probability is different, can divide again the breakdown type insulator and type B can breakdown type insulator. Porcelain insulator appearance falls down dirt, in many industrial impurity particles, the impurity particles in the wet will constitute a conductive liquid membrane in porcelain appearance, landed the porcelain insulation pressure significantly, flashover voltage becomes very low, this is porcelain insulation under the condition of dirty wet flashover easily because of it. Fouling and tide is the necessary condition of pollution flashover and the porcelain insulation not only dirty don't wet provoked flashover.
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