What are the applications in the ring network cabinet in distribution network

by:Mings     2020-06-28

ring network cabinet application in distribution network have? Small make up this issue from the distribution network structure as well as the future development trend, the variety of ring network cabinet, advantages and operational use of ring network cabinet in urban distribution network construction and retrofit were discussed, the application with the development of economy and technology, in use in the city network cable power supply has become an inevitable trend in the development of distribution network, and ring net power supply with its economy and reliability become the preferred form of distribution network cabling. The development of urban distribution network in ring network power supply users accounted for a growing share of the power supply scheme, and as a ring net power supply main equipment of high pressure ring network cabinet, by power supply departments and users are more and more attention.

ring net refers to the ring distribution network, namely the supply main constitute a closed loop, supply power to the ring main power supply, then all the way through the high voltage switch all the way from the main distribution outward. This advantage is that each distribution branch both with it to the left of the main power supply and can through it on the right side of main power supply. When something has gone wrong with the left main, it is from the right side of the main power supply will continue, and when the right side of the trunk line out of order, it's from the left main power supply, will continue in this way, although the single power supply is the total power supply, but from each distribution branch was similar to the double road power supply, and then improve the reliability of power supply.

in our country, presented in a ring network cabinet is not a long time, with the development of the socialist market economy and the deepening of the reform and opening up, China's enterprises and institutions also got agile development and extension, this is largely increase the size of the ring network cabinet is used. We from the point of view of the distribution of the electric power enterprise: about some brief distribution network, in order to ensure the safety of power supply system power supply is not stable, no problem, can use the ring network cabinet to end; In the more complex distribution network, ring network cabinet with the advantages of brief structure, low running cost, to some extent this than those with the advantages of short circuit of the switchgear cabinet is more significant.

the essence of which lies in the use of different load switch, high pressure ring network cabinet is named after the load switch to so. Load switch is cut off between circuit breaker and switch between a switch electric apparatus, arcing equipment, with a brief can block the extra load current and overload current, but it can't block the short circuit current. The structure of the load switch, an increase of arcing equipment, cut off switch but than circuit breaker briefly. Load switch with high voltage fuse in series form combination, can replace expensive circuit breaker. Using load switch block load current, the fuse block the short circuit current and overload current, thus reducing the cost of the power distribution equipment, and operation and maintenance also relatively brief. The prime function of high pressure ring network cabinet depends on the use of the function of the load switch. Therefore, the development of the high pressure ring network cabinet, the essence of the process of the development of the load switch.


with the improvement of people life level, various kinds of household appliances into people's life, it also to our country electric power enterprise power supply system is put forward higher request, in order to ensure that People's Daily life needs, to ensure the security and safe use of electricity, must want to have safe sex is strong, function and convenient operation of the power supply equipment, outstanding ring network cabinet's present and solve these problems, the application and for the development of power distribution network system in the future play a more and more effect.

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