What are the characteristics of cold shrink cable accessories

by:Mings     2020-07-16

AnWei electric power company is the domestic high-tech enterprises, production cold cable accessories and heat shrinkable cable accessories, insulation puncture clamp, cable waterproof boxes, cable clamp, cable head, heat shrinkable bus connector cover, silicone rubber cold cable accessories, silicone rubber power equipment insulation shield, such as series of high-tech products. Below small make up to you to introduce what are the typical features of the cold cable accessories, hope to be of help.

cold cable accessories commonly used geometry method and parameter control method to deal with the stress concentration problem. Geometry method that adopt the way of concentrated stress cone ease electric field distribution is superior to the control parameters of the product.

data excellent performance, no instant heating device, has good elasticity, and prefabricated type accessories. Make an interface performance be improved, compared with prefabricated type accessories, advantages in such as the installation is more convenient, just in the right position for cable accessories lining core pipe installation completed. The information used in mechanical strength is better than prefabricated type accessories, requirements for the insulation of the cable diameter size is not very high, as long as the inner diameter of the cable accessories less than 2 m cable insulation diameter is fully able to meet the requirements. So cold in the cable accessories have become the main form of low voltage and high voltage cable used. Device in place after the device is characterized by process more convenient and quick. The working performance and prefabricated type attachment.

slightly higher specific heat shrink attachment, price and the prefabricated type accessories, product price is quite reasonable. The key technical problems in using the same as the prefabricated type accessories.

now generally adopt cold shrinkage stress control tube, from 10 kv to 35 kv voltage level. Cold shrink cable joint, 1 kv level using cold contraction insulation tube reinforced insulation, 10 kv level with cold contraction insulation semiconduction shielding layer inside and outside the joint, with cold contraction are three core cable terminal bifurcation branches.

well, what are the typical features of the cold cable accessories above are all introduced, if you have more demand, welcome to contact the electric small make up, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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