What are the characteristics of the heat shrinkable cable accessories

by:Mings     2020-06-27

heat shrinkable cable accessories is a category of power cable, is widely applied in the rapid development of China, can be used for up to and including 35 kv voltage levels of crosslinking cable or the middle of the oil filled cable connections and terminal. Compared with the traditional cable accessories has small volume, light weight, safe and reliable, easy installation, etc. Products comply with GB11033 standard, use for a long time for - temperature range 55 ℃ ~ 105 ℃, aging life for 20 years, radial shrinkage rate 50% or higher, the longitudinal shrinkage rate & lt; 5%, the shrinkage temperature to 110 ℃ ~ 140 ℃.

heat shrinkable cable accessories material is commonly used in polyethylene, ethylene acid with ethylene ( EVA and ethylene propylene rubber and other material composition of blend composition of this kind of products are mainly the stress pipe processing electrical stress concentration problems. Stress concentration which USES the parameter control method to alleviate the electric field. Main advantage is lightweight, easy installation, performance is good. The price is cheap.

use electrical parameter is forced the stress of the cable insulation shielding fracture of evacuated tube is relatively uniform along the stress distribution. This technology can only be used for up to and including 35 kv cable in the attachment. Because of the high voltage grade overseers stress at the time of the fever and can't work reliable. Stress of the pipe is a moderate volume resistivity ( 10 10 - 10, 120) 。 Dielectric constant is bigger, 20 - - - - - - - 25 special electrical parameters of heat shrinkable tube.

key technology problems in its use is to ensure that the electrical parameters of stress pipe e. can reliable work must meet the above specification.

the partial discharge is reduced in addition to pay attention to use silicon grease filling cable insulation semi-conducting layer fracture of air gap to eliminate gas.

so when device attached stress pipe and insulation shielding its not less than 20 m. In case the contraction stress pipe and the unique shielding from fate. Crosslinking cable because of internal stress when handling bad will happen in the operation of the large shrinkage.

all extensions - — Heat shrinkable cable head models

heat shrinkable cable head is in fact our common heat shrinkable cable terminal head, people also call terminal head, also called heat shrinkable cable accessories. Generally used in the end of the cable protection, protect the cable from corrosion and rust. So heat shrinkable cable head type certainly will be equipped with according to the size of the cable, but because of the heat shrinkable cable head can be heated to shrink, so it's model with cable model there are still some differences.

we start with low pressure, low pressure is also more commonly used 1 kv heat shrinkable cable head. 1 kv heat shrinkable cable head is divided into two core, three core and four cores and five cores which a few kinds. And then according to the size of the cable the specific number of square is divided into four specifications, such as the three core have 3. 0 to 3. 1, 3. 2, 3. 3 and 3. 4 these, actually some customers hear these specifications will doubt, these values have what meaning? So small make up just to say with you, actually it is very easy to understand, is the number of different values corresponding to different square heat shrinkable cable head type, 3. The corresponding is 10-0 16 square number; 3. 1 the corresponding is 25 50 square number; 3. The corresponding is 70-2 120 square number; 3. The corresponding is 150-3 240 the number of square, and 3. 4 the corresponding is 3. 。 - - - - - - 500 square number.

low finish our again to say high pressure heat shrinkable cable head type, high pressure has 10 kv, 35 kv two specifications, high voltage and low voltage difference between high pressure heat shrinkable cable head type has the branch of indoor and outdoor. The indoor and outdoor heat shrinkable cable head and what the difference? Actually is the main difference is that the heat shrinkable cable head than outdoor heat shrinkage cable head much rain skirt this parts, it ACTS as an umbrella, zhefengdangyu for heat shrinkable cable head.

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