What are the high and low voltage insulator performance?

by:Mings     2020-07-03

(1) electrical properties: along the insulation of exterior attack damage called flashover discharge, is important electrical insulator flashover characteristics performance. About different voltage grade, withstand voltage of insulator request each are not identical, the indicators are dry, wet power frequency withstand voltage, lightning shock pressure, lightning shock wave pressure, impact operating pressure, etc. In order to prevent the breakdown in operation, the breakdown voltage is higher than the flashover voltage of insulator. In the factory experiments, can be breakdown of porcelain insulator individual after headdress flower, namely with low voltage insulation appearance attacks frequently sparks, maintain certain time, can see the breakdown. Also need some insulator corona experiment, radio trouble experiment, and the partial discharge and dielectric loss experiments, etc. High altitude region insulator, due to the density of air landing and landed the dielectric strength, therefore, the withstand voltage conversion to standard atmospheric conditions should be the progress accordingly. Polluted insulator flashover voltage of be affected with damp be affected with damp is much lower than dry, wet flashover voltage, therefore, impurity region should strengthen the insulation or take the fouling resistance type insulator, the creepage distance ( Creepage distance and the additional voltage ratio) Should be higher than normal type. Dc insulator and the exchange of insulator, the electric field distribution is poorer, and the adsorption fouling and electrolysis, flashover voltage is low, individual requests have special structure design and greater creepage intervals.

(2) mechanical properties: insulator in run by gravity, wind, ice and tension of the wire weight, weight of insulator and conductor vibration, equipment operation, short circuit mechanical force electric energy, the action of earthquake and the rest of the mechanical force. About the specification of mechanical performance rules have strict request.

3. Thermal performance: outdoor insulator request temperature leaps have tolerance ability. Such as porcelain insulator request without cracking a few times of psychro-thermal cycles. Insulation casing because of an electric current passes through, its components and the temperature rise of insulated parts and allowing for a short time current value must agree with the rules of the relevant specification.

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