What are the simple way of using the heat shrinkable tube

by:Mings     2020-07-13

with the progress of society and science and technology, in today's increasingly advanced science and technology, heat shrinkable tube can be used for electronic facilities, not only in our daily life, and are of great use. Heat shrinkable tube is usually made of polyolefin materials, contraction after heating, can have the effect of insulation protection. In our daily life, to protection of wire and cable insulation protection, electronic components, small to mop handles, rod and clubs on skid and beautiful effect, and even cables will be used on the sheath. So, today we will read the simple way of using the heat shrinkable tube, I take a look at below.

heat shrinkable tube, and can be referred to as the heat shrinkable tube, heat shrinkable tube, etc. , heat shrinkable sleeve is a kind of high temperature shrinkage, soft, flame retardant, insulation insulation casing corrosion protective function, heat shrinkable tube is composed of radiation multigang polymer, it is heated after the contraction of tightly wrapped cable joint, so as to achieve the purpose of insulation, sealing and protection. Widely used in electronic equipment wiring waterproofing, the seal fixed wire branch, metal pipeline corrosion protection, and prevent from polymer chain relaxation is loose and fall off, under water lighting, automotive tubing, senior line beam, etc. Initial shrinkage temperature: 70 ℃; Low shrinkage temperature: 125 ℃, the standard color is green, yellow, white, transparent, blue, red, Other color can be customized) 。 According to the voltage divided into low voltage heat shrinkable tube, 10 kv, 35 kv is often called the busbar heat shrinkable casing ( High pressure heat shrinkable tube, high voltage bus) And so on.

1, ready to heat shrinkable tube, the power cord, scissors and lighters

2, heat shrinkable tube set into one of the power cord

3, heat shrinkable tube in the two power cord entanglement

4, the two power cord winding together ( Note: here must be wrapped tightly around strong)

4, with scissors shearing what we need to use heat shrinkable tube, May well need to use the length of the heat shrinkable tube, avoiding waste)

6, take a cigarette lighter flame to heat shrinkable tube, to make it, Tightly wrap the power cord, remember not to burn anything! Don't mat tape inside.

this is correct use heat shrinkable tube. I hope you can through the above content have a deeper understanding of our products, if you have some questions about the above content, welcome to visit our website http://www. efarad8. Com or contact related staff and customer service of the company.

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