What do you use insulator?

by:Mings     2020-07-02

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insulator ( 绝缘子) For hundreds of nucleotides long, is usually located in the promoter with regulatory elements ( Strengthen the child) Or negative regulatory factors ( Heterochromatin) Between a control sequence. Insulator itself was no positive effect to the expression of genes and also have no negative effects, the role of just don't let other regulatory elements on gene activation effect or inactivation effect.

the role of the insulator is a direction, it is found in the experiment of fruit flies. Fruit flies ( D。 melanogaster) Yellow loci on y insert transposon gypsy, cause y gene inactivation of some organizations, but some y gene is still active in the organization, its reason lies in the transposon gypsy an insulator sequence at one end. When the gypsy in different position of the '/ loci insertion, have different effect on the activity of genes. This is because the y gene activity is regulated by the four enhancer, when the insulator is inserted in the upstream of the promoter, the wing shoulder ( 翼叶片) And body epithelium ( 身体表皮) In the organization block gene activation ( From the upstream enhancer) , but don't block the bristles ( 刷毛) And fu fa ( farsal爪子) Y gene expression in organization ( From the downstream enhancer) 。

since some enhancer is located in the upstream promoter, some is located in the downstream, so the effect of insulator does not depend on the relative position of the insulator with promoter. Therefore, the direction of the effect of insulator reason haven't really understood. Has been found that there are two loci in trans activation way affect the function of the insulator. Gene S2J ( Hw) Coding of nucleoprotein identify insulator, insulator and its combination insulation effect. When the gene mutation, although y inserted into the insulator loci, but lost the insulation effect, y expressed in all tissues. Another loci is mod ( 目标4) , after the gene mutation, its effect as it happens and Su ( Hw) On the contrary, the type of these mutations are to enhance the insulation effect, make the insulation of the insulator effects no longer have directional and expanded, which is blocking the upstream and downstream sides to enhance the effect of the son. One explanation is that first the Su ( Hw) After DNA combined with insulator, insulator have insulation effect. mod( mdg4) With Su ( Hw) Combination, lose insulator insulation effect; Mutation mod ( mdg4) Not with Su ( Hw) Combination, so the insulator and to enhance the insulation effect.

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