What is a lightning protection insulator strain clamp, lightning protection insulator strain clamp

by:Mings     2020-05-19
Lightning protection insulator string strain clamp is suitable for the overhead distribution lines, the overhead insulated wire or bare wire tension at a fixed pole or on the corner rod insulator, thus speak overhead wires and taut, and connect the overhead insulated wire or bare wires on the hardware of tension rod or Angle pole, thus speak overhead conductors taut and pieces of insulation resistance; Set a lightning protection device for arc, lightning protection effect. Due to the global weather change, often have the thunderstorm weather, thunder and lightning weather are frequent, allegedly caused by distribution network fault has 36 of the whole line fault. 8%, and the insulation distribution line lightning strike rate has accounted for 96. 8%, greatly affected the normal power line network, the loss to the national economy is also very serious. The current distribution line lightning protection problem has aroused quite seriously. Strain clamp lightning insulator string has the function of prevent damage of lightning strike and insulator, check electrical grounding function, without peeling puncture conductive function, prevent the wire slip conical three jaw tension clamping fixed and hanging a strain clamp wire function of lightning protection insulator string. Its new structure is reasonable, simplified string tension and lightning protection devices, and reduce the fault point, integrating with multi-function, construction is convenient, efficient, beautiful appearance, long service life, clamp type are interchangeable, purchasing selection is convenient, and can achieve the distribution insulation function all the way, is a comprehensive improve electric power line equipment upgrading of products. 【 On a message: lightning protection principle and performance of post insulator 】 【 Under a message: what is the wind partial jump line insulator and windbreak 】 the advantages of partial jump line insulator
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