What is a zero insulator, and maintain the status quo of the zero insulator

by:Mings     2020-07-07

what is zero insulator, and maintain the status quo of the zero insulator in this paper, we talked about on the insulator with longer duration of use its insulation performance will gradually reduce and even complete loss, while complete loss is zero insulator insulation performance of the insulator.

zero insulator from outside is often not easy to find. The zero value of the existence of insulator, will give a safe and a potential threat. With zero value insulator insulator string, easily happened pollution flashover or lightning flashover; When insulation breakdown, the system of short circuit current flows through the insulator head, and make the insulator fever, exists in the moisture in cement cement is converted to steam in a flash, explosive power greatly, make the iron cap explosion, caused by insulator strings, broken wire to the ground.

according to the aging rate of porcelain insulator, zero run department to determine the corresponding test cycle. Some zero run department to determine test in China for 2 years. And in order to eliminate the zero insulator from the line, line operation maintenance department every year spend considerable manpower and material resources and financial resources, high charged homework, tests, the work technically complex, labor intensity is big, has become a heavy burden on line operation maintenance work.

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