What is over-voltage protector, it is how to protect

by:Mings     2020-05-22
Over-voltage protector is used to limit over-voltage of lightning overvoltage and operation, is an advanced, new types of overvoltage protection device. The full name of over-voltage protector is called 'three-phase modular overvoltage protector'. Over-voltage protector for a more advanced protection equipment, mainly used for protection of generator, transformer, vacuum switch, bus, motor and other electric equipment insulation, avoiding overvoltage damage. It can also be part of the lightning arrester effect, but it is the traditional lightning arrester performance can not be compared. Overvoltage of the main working principle is to adopt the spark gap zinc oxide valve pressure, to reduce the operation impact, protect the residual pressure, realize the operating overvoltage protection. This product has been widely used in electric power, chemical, coal, construction, electrified railway and other industries. ZB - The TBP type over-voltage protector, can make the motor in the electric power system, vacuum switch, transformer and parallel compensator electrical equipment from atmospheric overvoltage, especially a relatively good protection and overvoltage.
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