What is the cause of the cold shrink cable accessories widely used?

by:Mings     2020-07-17

in our country, based on our country's cable accessories industry policy 'out' the type heat shrinkable products, plus cold cable accessories and performance advantages, more and more attachment cable companies are positive transformation and upgrading, the production of the enterprise key also by the heat shrinkable cable accessories to excessive cold cable accessories. The reasons are the following:

the first point is that as the cold cable accessories construction is more convenient, in today's situation is our labor costs soaring, cold cable accessories as many convenient construction all construction personnel are mostly prefer to use the cold accessories.

the second point is relative to the scope of use and installation of more complex heat shrinkable products, cold cable accessories must be more and more popular, because it has smaller volume, operation more convenient and simple without external heating, scope of application is wider and product specifications many virtues such as less, and also has good corrosion resistance and stable performance, so the service life of the specific heat shrinkage of good very many.

the third point is compared with the cold product has just come out, now cold cable accessories prices are gradually tend to be more rational, the products because of the cold material and features, the freshness of the market, the cold cable accessories price is quite high for the market, only a few can afford to withstand the high cost of enterprises. But with the wide popularity of technology, in the low pressure area, the cold cable accessories price is rational, many are reaching and heat shrinkable cable price.

above all: cold the insulation of the cable accessories sections and stress prefabricated into integration, expanding at an extracting core line above, when installation transferred core wire, cold shrinkage on the surface of the cable insulation cable attachment, therefore do not need to use the heating tool, overcome the heat shrinkable cable run, due to heat bilges cold shrink of the clearance between the cable between ontology and heat shrinkable products, so the cold cable accessories has been more and more widely used.

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