What is the electrical

by:Mings     2020-05-22
Electric ( 电气、电力和设备) Is electricity production, transmission, distribution, use, and electrical equipment manufacturing and other disciplines or referred to in the field of engineering. In electric power, electrical equipment and electrical technology as the means to create, maintain and improve limited space and environment of a science, covers electrical energy conversion, utilization and research from three aspects, including the basic theory, applied technology, facilities, etc. Electrical engineering ( Electrical Engineering, referred to as 'EE) Is one of the core subjects in the field of modern science and technology, but also an essential part of today's high-tech fields less key disciplines. It is the great progress of electronic technology promoted on the basis of the computer network the arrival of the era of information, and will change the human life, work mode. The development prospect of the electrical engineering is also have potential, makes today's students has been very high employment rate.
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