What is the first level standard cable accessories

by:Mings     2020-07-15

cable accessories are essential of electrician, electric power, light industry, one of the important equipment from ultra-high voltage transmission lines to household electrical appliances product, every link in our life is inseparable from the cable accessories products. It breeds plexus, is widely used, the domestic manufacturers to thousands of companies, many products have been listed in the national electrical product safety certification of product size. With the progress of science and technology and the increase of social demand, in recent years in our country and a lot of wire and cable and revising the state standard. On the whole cable accessories applicable specification mainly has three layers ( IEC standard, national standard, professional standard) 。 In this article, small make up will introduce you to the top level standard cable attachment, details please see below:

a, cable accessories at the top level standard: IEC standard

IEC60859 the additional voltage is 72. More than 5 kv cable connection device of gas insulated metal closed switch

IEC61442 the additional 6 kv voltage ( 嗯= 7。 2kV) To 30 kv ( 嗯= 36 kv) Power cable accessories experiment method '

' the extra voltage of 1 kv ( 嗯= 1。 2kV) More than 30 kv ( 嗯= 36 kv) Extrusion insulation power cable and its accessories

IEC60840 the extra 30 kv voltage ( 嗯= 36 kv) More than 150 kv ( 嗯= 170 kv) Extrusion insulation power cable and its accessories experiment method and '

IEC62067' extra voltage 150 kV ( 嗯= 170 kv) More than 500 kv ( 嗯= 550 kv) Extrusion insulation power cable system - power cables and accessories - - - - - - Experimental methods and requirements '

IEC60055 the additional voltage up to and including 18/30 kv paper insulated metal sheath ( With conductors of aluminium or copper, but does not include air and oil filled cable) 'Part 1' cables and accessories experiment 'in chapter 7: attachment model experiment.

2, cable accessories, executive standard:

1, must correct installation process, correct, and strictly observe operation procedures, after electrify test and correct, just can put into operation.

2, cable accessories, necessary and reasonable design, cable accessories factory with the performance of the components, parts or materials to meet the requirements of the corresponding specification; Through the inspection before the factory.

3, is a piece of cable cable accessories are included, so it is necessary for cable insulation quality of ontology, otherwise it will directly affect the performance of cable accessories firm sex, eradicate the likelihood of a fault from the carrier.

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