What is the function of ground wire ground wire the role of the introduction

by:Mings     2020-04-22
Shelter grounding protection is to guard against a item charged insulation damage endangers one's personal safe shelter set up by the assembly, it is ground and pick up and two kinds of methods. According to the power, all adopt three phase four wire power supply system, because of the neutral grounding, so zero method should be adopted, and the equipment of metal shell process through a conductor connected to the zero line, but not promised equipment shell directly grounded. The switch in the system of distribution of radio, film and television equipment, air conditioner, transmitter power switch between equipment and is particularly common in large power consumption equipment. In planning the program, should be lead to grounding bus bar from the ground to the equipment, then mechanical shell connected with the conductor to the ground bus. Is worth pointing out: ground wire on the equipment grounding public terminals, they can also end * * * * * * use welding. Occasional equipment shell hemp hand, this is because the exchange of leakage and equipment shell didn't answer the zero. Can pull the plug out commonly grounding line change status to insert can be dealt with. This in some recording equipment often move, because the zero line is often overlooked, manipulation are probably both hands at the same time the war zero-sum instead of zero, there is probably produced the signs. Grounding overvoltage protection for the lightning-proof grounding protection set up by the assembly. Lightning protection is the most used throughout assembly lightning rod and lightning arrester. Lightning rod through the process of tower or construction of reinforced earth, lightning arrester is through the process of public ground into the earth. Arrester each ray in the dry season to a year ago shall inspect, just in case. As I have a hotline DE law wind, lightning strike, access is effective for HuaXian lightning protection device. On the lightning protection downlead, never to the ground of adjacent to the rest of the equipment, lightning protection downlead can clear click-sould directly into the ground, or lightning damage the rest down lead through the process and equipment. As a satellite television to take over the machine has several times been struck by lightning, the original metal fence friction and trapped is feeder and the roof insulation damage, and metal fence with lightning rod welding together lead to uncover her nakedness, that lightning sensor and bad to take over the machine. Barrier to guard against electromagnetic feel and barrier metal skin of visual, audio line, electronic equipment, metal shell, barriers, building network of metal barrier ( Such as loose degree, dominant target barrier room) Grounding of a kind of protection. In all the earth, the barrier to the most complex, have a kind, another feeling. Due to the barrier can prevent outside nuisance, again through the process of it to the outside world about nuisance, and between each components in the equipment must also prevent electromagnetic nuisance. A standard led to all kinds of electronic circuit, there is a reference point, the reference point is a standard lights. It is the influence of guaranteeing circuit has a potential of the same benchmark, not floating over a standard deviation. A standard led to adjacent is: the same is equipped with a standard lights number input output with a standard lamp cannot be linked together, and should be separated; Top level ( Equipment) The input fields as long as with the level ( Equipment) The output is linked together. Otherwise, a standard lights probably formed by ground process feedback, triggering a standard floating lights. Tests, the equipment of the standard led to the adjacent especially careful. The above is a function of ground wire is introduced.
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