What is the high voltage insulation column?

by:Mings     2020-07-11

high voltage insulation column as the name suggests used on high voltage equipment accessories, according to the use of different voltage level, we divided it into low voltage insulation column and high voltage insulation column. High voltage insulation column is used in high pressure, superhigh pressure overhead transmission line and substation insulation column. In order to meet the needs of different voltage grade, usually with different number of same type only ( A) Insulation column of insulation column series insulation support of one or more sessions.

it is a special kind of insulation device, or is a special kind of insulation control mechanism, can play an important role in the overhead transmission line, through continuous development high type electric wire connection at one end of the tower hung a lot of disc insulators, in order to increase the creepage distance, it is usually made of glass or ceramic is called JYZ insulator.

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