What is the long bar porcelain insulator

by:Mings     2020-07-08

a long bar is one of the porcelain insulator, porcelain insulator originated in Germany, the three concatenated into 1 series, hanging with 3 series, tension with 4 series, rotor is still running in good condition.

due to the tensile and bending strength of ceramic materials is bad, make long rod porcelain insulator must be on the premise of can produce high quality porcelain. 60 s and 70 s in China has been developing/porcelain crossarm 0 insulator, in essence is a kind of long rod porcelain insulator, but because of high quality porcelain problem not solved, still porcelain crossarm insulator is used only for 35 kV and below the line.

long rod porcelain insulator is solid, because the ceramic insulation breakdown strength several times in the air, so the breakdown type insulator is/guarantee is not 0 insulator.

long rod breakdown, the biggest characteristic of porcelain insulator is absolutely not only on the mechanical test, the need for electrical test, also need not zero 0 / test run. Ultrasonic testing is one of the check type long rod porcelain insulator effective method, perfect.

long rod type of porcelain porcelain insulator rod connected to the steel cap with lead antimony alloy, greatly improving the anti-aging performance. Warm reminder: our company is specializing in the production of insulator manufacturer, welcome the telephone consultation.

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