What is wind partial jump line insulator and windproof partial jump line insulator, the advantages of installation method

by:Mings     2020-05-19
What wind partial jump line insulator is 35 kv, 66 kv, 110 kv, 220 kv wind partial jump line insulator series product is suitable for hard jumper with high-voltage lines, which can effectively prevent the jumper monsoon, wire dancing with the wind, guarantees the facies to the insulation between the distance, also called a hard jump line insulator to eliminate the line tripping, wire arc burns caused by jump, break, break the phenomenon such as. Solve the conductor is dancing with the wind threaten safe and stable operation of overhead transmission line important hidden trouble. Wind partial jump line insulator replaceability and generality of wind can replace partial jump line insulator to run in the line of hard jumper wire suspension insulator, a variety of connected to the tower of hardware for the user to choose, can also be customized special specifications of the tower connection hardware for the user. With fast and convenient installation wind partial jump line insulator installation method 1, windproof partial jump line insulator in the transportation and installation to should take put down gently, and should not be thrown, and avoid and various miscellaneous pieces of ( Wire, iron plate, tools, etc. ) And sharp hard object collisions, and friction; 2, lifting, knot to play on the end attachment, is strictly prohibited to play on the umbrella skirt or sheath, the rope must be touched and umbrella skirt and sheath part, should be in contact with a soft cloth; 3, shall not be put (the wind as a partial jump line insulator ) Line of auxiliary tool, lest make the impact or bending moment and damage of composite insulator; 4, it is forbidden to stamped on the insulator umbrella skirt; 5, when installing equalizing ring, should pay attention to adjust, make ring and insulator axis vertical, for open type c equalizing ring, openings in the same direction on both ends of the attention, to facilitate discharge, umbrella skirt; 【 On a message: what is the meaning of the lightning protection insulator strain clamp 】 【 The next message: composite insulator analysis and processing method of unknown reason flashover 】
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